Recruitment Range: $43,043-$90,000
Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Organizational Unit Overview: The Center for Telepsychiatry &
E-Behavioral Health consist of a core administrative unit and clinical
services unit. The clinical service unit consists of a Medical Director,
an ECUP provider group consisting of Department of Psychiatry
and Behavioral Medicine physicians and externally contracted clinical provider groups comprised of
47 physicians and mid-level providers at up to 6 regional hubs. Since inception, CTP has provided 33,149 telepsychiatry assessments and currently has 57 referring sites.
The administrative unit consists of the Center Director, the Clinical
Administrative Manager (CAM), the Business Operations Manager,
and an Administrative Support
Job Duties: The CTP Director has
primary responsibility for the
CTP’s success within the context of the institution’s vision, the enabling legislation, and supporting grant funding. The Administrator provides critical support to the Center Director and the Medical Director. This “partnership” of physician and administrative leadership brings together the clinical and managerial talents necessary
for implementation of innovative and flexible business plans. These
plans are put into operation by the Administrator. The Administrator is responsible for developing and implementing financial and operational strategies aimed at achieving the CTP’s objectives and legislated mandates in a manner consistent with those of the School. The Administrator acting as a liaison with administration in the
School of Medicine, Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Rural Health, as well as several other agencies, participating
hospitals and provider groups, the
Administrator position exists to:
• Manage CTP activity with a focus on effective, profitable and
cost-efficient operations (clinical revenue management; contract
revenue and expense management, and grant funding) translating the enabling legislative mandate as well as the institutional vision to meaningful and effective operational responses;
• Manage the Center’s annual budget (practice plan, grant/contract budgeting to include capital);
• Develop and maintain CTP’s business plans that result in successful integration with the BSOM strategic plan.
• Comply with related agency
reporting requirements.
• In the Director’s absence, collaboratively work with the
Medical Director to provide short-term, overall administrative
and operational direction for the CTP.
The ECU Brody School of Medicine is affiliated with Vidant Medical Center. Vidant Medical Center is the flagship hospital for Vidant Health and serves as the teaching hospital for the Brody
School of Medicine at East Carolina University.
Minimum Qualifications: Graduation from an appropriately accredited four-year college with a degree in business administration, public administration, health care administration, or a related program and three years of clinical or administrative management experience; or an equivalent combination of training and experience is required.
Preferred Education and Experience: Master’s Degree in Public
Health Administration, Hospital Administration or related programs
and five years of experience in clinic administration. Additional clinical and or academic medicine experience can be substituted for education. At least two years of extensive experience in medical center finances, budget preparation and control, and personnel management is needed. Financial management and/or audit experience in an academic health center (medical school or teaching hospital) is highly desired.
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