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May 24, 2017

Q I have just joined a church where the pastor encourages members to do a 21-day Daniel Fast. Is it healthy? — G.J., Greenville

A Fasting for religious and other reasons is quite popular these days. There can be some benefits but also potential harm. Fasting can mean either part of total…


May 24, 2017

Q This past weekend, my boyfriend proposed to me while we were in New England on a trip! We are both in our 30s.

On the way back home, we stayed overnight at my parents’ home. Over dinner, my father came to both of us to talk about his vision for the wedding — the most convenient…

Carolyn Hax

May 21, 2017


Dear Short Answers: My daughter graduates from kindergarten next week. I am happy to celebrate the moment, but the school she attends is having a full-blown “graduation” with cap & gown, diplomas, speeches — it’s crazy. And they are selling…

Short Answers

May 19, 2017

Q I am at my wits' end with family drama. I will spare you the very long and ugly details and start with the most recent heartache.

My husband's daughter from a previous marriage invited our son and his wife and 2-year-old to spend the weekend with them since they were going to be in town for a…

May 17, 2017

Q As a lay per­son I feel like I know a lot about food and nu­tri­tion but I got stumped when I saw the term “mi­cro­greens” on a menu. Please ex­plain. — C.J.L., Greenville

A LOL. When I dined out with friends, they would ask me to ex­plain terms on…

Kathy Kolasa

May 14, 2017

Q Three years ago, my father had a heart attack and needed triple-bypass surgery. He almost died.

Up until this point, he never paid any attention to what he ate. There were a few years after the surgery where he consistently exercised and ate right. I guess it was a wakeup call for him.

Ever since…

May 12, 2017

Q My husband and I were both raised in the same religion, which for various reasons we have not chosen to continue as adults. In my household growing up, we were not exceptionally observant, but my mother has grown more devout over the years. She continually asks whether I’ve done this or…

Carolyn Hax

May 10, 2017

A shout-out to all who are planting gardens and planning to save produce for later in the year. Take advantage of the free pressure canner dial gauge testing. Bring your canner lid and gauge to the Leroy James Farmers Market from 8 a.m.-noon May 13 or the Pitt County Cooperative Extension office,…

May 10, 2017

Q I am getting married this July. My fiance and I at some point told my younger sister she would get a plus-one. She said she was going to bring her best friend from college, and I cautioned her at the time that she might want to wait in case she got a serious boyfriend between then and the wedding.…

Carolyn Hax

May 07, 2017

Q I am getting married this winter. My fiance and I want a small formal ceremony. We found a small chapel that holds only 12.

My mother told everyone in my family and invited someone I don’t even know to our wedding, and then manufactured a list of people I “have” to invite. I…

Carolyn Hax
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