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June 22, 2018

Now they are saying that Noah built his Ark for fear of stormwater runoff. Let me think about that one.

As ICE and Homeland Security forces start to raid more and more meat factories, construction sites and fields, local businesses, developers and farmers are advised to ensure their workers are all…

June 21, 2018

BYH should have been more precise in its editing on Wednesday when it published a barb against Suddenlink that implied E.R. Lewis Construction was at fault for last week's service outage. A dump truck driver whose company subcontracted for the job on 14th Street drove into the overhead wires…

June 20, 2018

Suddenlink needs to be held accountable for the outage that lasted all day well into the middle of the night — 1:15 a.m., 26,000 customers without any service. You can bet Suddenlink will be holding ER Lewis Construction Company accountable.

BYH to all of those who feel that it is okay for…

June 19, 2018

BYH, if you missed the news this week, here is a recap: they put Manafort (former Trump campaign manager) in jail, Michael Cohen (Trump “fixer”) splits with his legal team, might flip on his old boss Trump, Trump salutes N. Korean general, New York attorney general sues Trump Foundation,…

June 18, 2018

BYH Balot family for providing $2 million in scholarships for students to attend John Paul II Catholic High School. Greenville is fortunate to have PK-12 Catholic education (St. Peter’s and JPII) and blessed to have the Balots helping to provide access to private education for those who…

June 17, 2018

BYH Concert on the Common. Beer, the Eagles, the Tar River in the background. What more can a person ask for on a hot summer night? I hear it did not require a study to make it happen.

Building more student apartments is a good thing for Greenville. It shows a commitment to the future of ECU. If…

June 16, 2018

BYH to the organizers of the free Concert on The Town Common. This event provided our family a night out where the kids could play and the adults could sit back and enjoy a cold beer without having to pay for a sitter. Great work!

BYH Mayor Connelly and City Council. It is refreshing to see this…

June 15, 2018

BYH to the reader concerned with required prayers in the schools. Keep in mind that, "As long as teachers give tests, there will be prayer in the public schools!"

BYH to all of the automotive repair shops in town. Y'all must make a killing with all of the alignments and shock and strut…

June 14, 2018

Promote outdoor recreation? BYH, Greenville but it is dangerous outside. With your high property crime rates, nearly daily ECU alerts of local muggings and rapes, constant deconstruction projects, car congestion, lack of sidewalks and crosswalks, broken greenway, rabid animals, not to mention the…

June 12, 2018

BYH young lady with your cellphone mounted to your windshield right in your line of vision for the road. How long have you gotten away with this without being stopped? And you don't even have a parent or a friend that will tell you it is against the law but blatantly irresponsible as well.


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