BYH to the people in "the jungle" with megaphones. Does it make you feel like a big man to constantly berate and say...

Jan. 2 Bless Your Heart


Bobby Burns

Monday, January 2, 2017

BYH to Carrie Fisher. Godspeed on your next phase. May the Force be with you.

BYH to the City Council for taking strides to make Greenville a great town to raise a family in. This year my wife and I hosted Christmas and for the first time ever we had a fun place to take all the children from out of town. The Town Common playground is great but let's keep going. We cannot settle for only one attraction at a park that's bigger than 25 acres. Keep on implementing the master plan ASAP!

The letter to the editor relative to the bed problem at Vidant was right on target. A short time ago a decision was made to cut benefits (except for the upper echelon). As a result, they have had a drastic shortage of nurses and had to close rooms. They have also had to resort to hiring more traveling nurses. They are much more expensive than the local nurses. Closed rooms results in less income for the hospital and reduced service to those who need hospital care. They compute their occupancy rate on the number of rooms open, not the number of rooms that the hospital has. There's an old saying that "figures don't lie, but liars figure.” Wonder if the bean counters have figured out how much those cuts in benefits have cost them in income and services provided.

Interesting response. Why not write a letter and sign your name? What motived the decision? Did the hospital have to cut expenses to compensate for the free care it must give to so many who have no money?

BYH to the BYHers about plastic bags. Two points: One, plastic bags do not pollute, people do; and two, think about your haste "to care more" the next time it rains and your Reflector arrives dry and readable only because it was tucked in, well go figure, a plastic bag.

BYH to the Walmart Shooter. It is very fortunate that the ignorant rascal was totally unfamiliar with the types of shotgun shells available. If he had known what he was doing, there would have been four dead instead of wounded. Even though he received a sentence of 99 years, I may have opted for an even 100. Yes, this was a "hate crime" if I have ever seen one. I am going to guess that you lads probably have a basic knowledge of the difference between birdshot and buckshot?

Bless our hearts, beware political ideologies based in greed and hoarding wealth, like trickle-down economics. You cannot serve God and mammon.

BYH Roy Cooper had the Mayor of Charlotte in his back pocket. He played HB2 to his advantage at the expense of the citizens of N.C. Soon as the election was final he thought the mayor could now bring the Charlotte ordinance up for repeal but it backfired on him. Legislation needs to continue stripping him of power. He is all out for Roy. Could care less about N.C.

Bless your heart to the Farmville citizen who continues to entertain us with opinions and comments based on misinformation. If you actually knew as much as you think you do ... Maybe you'll get a life in 2017. Bless your heart.

Bless the heart of that cyclist who broke the rules of the road by running a red light. Your violation gives all cyclists a bad name and reputation. Feel free to wear what works for you even if others get jealous of your body and health, but please learn to follow the laws so that all cyclists are treated with respect and given their fair share of the road and arrive at home, church, work, and school safely.

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