BYH. Asking Trump to eradicate corruption is like asking a pig to eradicate mud....

Jan. 3 Bless Your Heart


Bobby Burns

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

One more Christmas with the in-laws. I am thinking maybe I made it. Of course I have not got my final grade from my wife but I feel that I did pretty good. I agreed with them on global warming, GMOs, Hillary really being the winner and the need to buy a hybrid. I was on my best behavior and got a nice high and tight haircut, though I must say most of the in-laws looked a little shabby. It is now a waiting game. If I passed the test I get to look forward to entertaining that crowd of specimens one more time.

BYH to all the old people showing up dealing drugs, especially heroin, in Greenville and Pitt County. Grow up.

Bless the hearts of the Winterville cops who park their cars by that walking trail and just sit there. Are there fugitive squirrels there that are being sought for anything? On Dec. 26 one sat there for literally hours, with other cops paying him a visit over that time. If you have nothing to do, park that car and get off the clock so we don't have to keep paying for it.

Suddenlink subscribers beware! If you received a Cable Guide magazine in your mailbox it is not free. Check your bill for a $3.25 monthly fee. My account was charged and it was done without my authorization by a sales agent who gets commission on these products. Call directly to the sales manager and demand and a credit back to your account. The supervisor told me he would "coach" his agent not to do this again. In my day I would say, "pack your bags and I'll escort you to the curb."

BYH to the development at Town Common! Looks like the mindset of "if you build it, they will come" turned out to be true. I haven't seen this many people ever using the park for anything other than Sunday in the Park ever. The new playground is great! Now if only we could get a few more exciting amenities at the park like the Bell Tower or even some commercial vendors, we could truly transform this park into something special. Keep on building and the people will keep heading that way!

So, New Greenville is showing its moronic thought process again. A plastic bag problem? No, buddy, we have a "people haven't any concern for their community" problem. Just as guns don't kill people (stupid people with guns kill people), plastic bags don't 'walk' through the woods and ride down the river; careless and insensitive people throw them there. Typical democratic policy wasting our tax money. What do you teach your students?

BYH to the state trooper who months ago allowed a hit and run driver to get away Scot-free after he hit a cyclist on Davenport Farm road hard enough to smash the cyclist's helmet after passing him in a no passing zone (it was illegal to do so then). I heard that the trooper explained that there had to be a death or at least $1,000 of damage or the system would not do anything. A hit-and-run driver is caught and nothing happens? No wonder our streets are too dangerous!

Does the new Greenville Hate Crime Resolution include marriage?

BYH to the GPD police chief for investing valuable resources on the word "bias," which is open for wide interpretations in court challenges (so then more resources are spent) and at the same time not concentrating on the felons who are committing crimes and crimes with firearms increasing in Greenville ... get your priorities in order.

BYH to PCC. You adopt policies and procedures of small schools that are falling apart so PCC, too, will fall apart. It's a race to the bottom, and PCC is winning.

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