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Jan. 4 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

RIP Pungo District Hospital, did any mainstream media ever check out how bad the building was? And did anyone ever think to fact check the mayor's claim that people are dying because they have no emergency room?

BYH! Roy Cooper and the Charlotte City council don't care about protecting our children and women from predators! They only want to ram their liberal agenda down our throats.

It was suggested in the Bless Your Heart column that BYH contributors should submit to an IQ test before submitting an entry. I would love to take an IQ test because I ain't ever had the opportunity before. I passed my driving test but I guess that might not count. My Momma always said that I was smart but she didn't give me no test. I think she said it because that is what mommas are supposed to say.

A big bless your heart and a thank you WNCT for reporting on the food hub coming to Bethel. I was nice to see someone had not forgot us over here across the river. Bethel citizens are excited about this.

Bless the hearts of gun control extremists complaining about us locking our firearms in cars where criminals can steal them. They don't realize the "gun free zone" laws they support force us to do this. We don't want to disarm, honest. And you couldn't actually blame the criminal, could you?

A real BYH to the gun ranter. I have a gun in my car and two in my house. Knock, knock, I'm not God but I can help you meet him!

Bless your heart to all the ignorant left-wing nutcases who write to this column. I never cease to be amazed at how dumb people can be. Get a life, take responsibility for your problems. Stop trying to lay blame.

I do not believe that President Obama and his administration would allow the Russians to hack our elections. It is insulting to even suggest that President Obama did not have our backs!

Bless the heart of the person suggesting that BYH contributors take an IQ test. That is discrimination pure and simple. Us folk with low IQs need an outlet, and Bless Your Heart listens to us. Please don't take that away from us. Just sign me, "Below the curve."

Bless everyone's heart. I don't know how anyone can still trust Trump's words, since everything he says is subject to change on a whim.

To the ones who want the Trump criticism to end, aw, bless your tender little hypocritical hearts, as I wonder where you were as Obama was pilloried and hectored from day one; remember how he was a Kenyan socialist Marxist communist Muslim? Since Trump was installed by Putin, doesn't he deserve the same respect? Put on your big boy pants and suck it up.

BYH to the individual that demanded a ride with his gun and banging on the window! Girls honk your horn. Make some noise! But by all means keep your doors locked. Two women in a car with a problem ... One of you needs to be calling 911. The other, the driver, honking the horn attracting attention and getting out of there ASAP!

BYH Reflector, it's been almost two months since the election. Can we please be done with the BYH rhetoric dissing one or the other of the candidates and/or political parties? If we could, it sure would bless my heart to let's move on.

Sorry. Y’all write ’em. We just print ’em. It may be a long four years.

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