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Jan. 5 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, January 5, 2017

It is time to put the Christmas decorations back in the attic where they will join the many boxes of Christmas decorations that were not put out this year. Keeping old Christmas decorations is a way to get back at your kids because they will be the ones who have to clean out the attic. "Why did they keep all this old junk?"

"Balance" should be a resolution for residents of Greenville. We should not overspend for amenities in Greenville, but we also cannot spend nothing. "All" and "nothing" are both unsustainable concepts.

It often seems that it would be appropriate to change the name of this column to “Rant and Rave” since any good Southerner knows that “Bless your Heart” is a statement of compassionate criticism offered usually with substantial concern. "Aunt Lilly brought her potato salad to the reunion again this year, bless her heart,” said usually with a slight shake of the head.

Al Gore didn't invent the internet, nor was he instrumental in funding its development. Built by Bolt Beranick and Newman in 1969, implementing Bell Labs TCP/IP protocols for packet switching. ... Lying Al Gore first was elected in 1977, when ARPANET already was running full force across DOD network hubs.

Bless my Wintervillian heart. Hey Town Fathers (and Mothers) — why not add a few more random stop signs to Primrose Lane, such as to the end of every driveway on the street? It'll be like our little homage to Christmas all year long, with red stop signs decoratively everywhere!

I love Greenville! What I don't like? The most poorly timed traffic signal sequencing in the entire USA. Bless their hearts. The folks responsible for this system haven't a clue, don't care, or don't drive our roads.

BYH 2016. You brought us a life-altering change the likes of which we've never seen. Having comic strips in full color every single day is over the top. The Sunday funnies were gorgeous to behold but only for one day. Now with seven unending color-filled days — be still my heart! Ain't life grand?

BYH, kudos to Rick Kobe, the faithful swim and dive coach responsible for making these sports programs winning most often during his 37 years at ECU! Lots of merit for longevity and coach of the year awards! Many student-athletes have known him during his career and made milestones.

Am I the only one that is tired of hearing WITN news saying, "In one down east town." Can they not come up with something else? It's my hometown news, but enough is enough.

BYH to "Hey liberal Trump bashers" submitter. You know good and well (if at all possible) Trump is going to bill the government for every ball and tee he can.

BYH to Obama. Who forgets that he, through the state department, paid $350,000 to have an organization meddle in Israel's last election.

BYH to the landscapers who destroyed healthy shrubs and trees so they could put in small, pathetic shrubs that will take years to grow, then put in horrific drainage pipes that were not what the HOA had agreed upon. Hopefully the homeowners will drop their contract in 2017.

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