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Jan. 6 Bless Your Heart


Friday, January 6, 2017

BYH to my neighbors in Camelot. Thank you for not littering our neighborhood with campaign signs. I still like everyone.

BYH to the gleeful Republicans who showed their true colors by their first action in office, trying to dismantle the watchdog that would oversee ethical misconduct. They are like giddy kids locked in the ice cream store; they don't know what to even dig into first. But like those kids, they may just end up with a stomachache.

I just watched our Rep. Jones on TV, and how upset he is over the secret vote by his party to gut the office of ethics oversight. You go, Rep. Jones! I'm proud of you for standing up for the people. So they pulled back, for now, on their plan to dismantle oversight over their misconduct. Be vigilant!

BYH to the Greenville police chief, you listed many things I should do if ever stopped by one of you and if you ever visit my private property. You listed more of your rights than mine and stated the words "calm" and "nice" many times to police, or your hidden message, or else!

On Sunday after lunch I noticed a Winterville police officer pushing alone a disabled vehicle on Winterville Parkway across from Sam's. Thank you for your service beyond the call of duty, even when no one stopped to help you. I would have helped but I had a 14-month-old child in the car with me.

Why has BYH turned into the new Op-Ed page?

BYH to the idea of First Day Hikes. While it is a great idea to enjoy the parks and outdoors via a hike, the idea that we have to drive to them just to walk because we have so few places left untouched by development and pollution is rather ironic. Perhaps society needs to rethink sprawl and plan to preserve what we have all around us before it is destroyed and only found in rare parks instead of where we live. Greenville is not a model for this idea but it could be ...

Bless the heart of all the soothsayers and conjurers that have been created since Trump's election. They are telling us about wars and rumors of wars that Trump will start. If these people can see the future then why did they not alert Hillary as to the danger she faced with Trump? Also, if you can, can you give me a hint how to fill in my March Madness brackets? I will split the millions with you.

Bless the hearts of those starting the New Year by joining a gym. Just be careful about how to end your membership. I have found it harder to get out of a gym contract than a marriage. I have two divorces under my belt and both were easier than ending my gym membership. Of course had I gone to the gym on a regular basis maybe one of my wives might have appreciated the effort and stayed with me.

BYH to the BYH writer who intimated that the stock market jump was somehow Trump's doing. OK, you can't have it both ways. Obama came in with a Dow Jones under 8,000, it's now nearly 20,000. Unemployment was 7 percent and spiraling up, now it's 4.6 percent. Bush's last deficit was $1.4 trillion, last year it was $468 billion. We'll just compare those numbers with Trump's.

BYH to the irony, Republicans will be like the dog who caught the car. Individual mandate was a Republican idea that Obama adopted, he should have just gone for public option. You got the ball, Republicans, the proof will be in the pudding. You will be judged by your intentions as well as your results.

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