Bless my heart, I love Greenville and the people here. People are so friendly and everyone is so nice to me. My husband...

Jan. 7 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Bless our hearts, may we all have a blessed 2017. I love you all, and love is the only thing that the more you give it away, the more you have! So give as much as you can. Namaste.

Bless your heart to the poor patients at Vidant who are in pain and tell the people in charge they are in pain but if they don't "request" pain meds they don't get them ... If you are an 8-9 on a scale from 1-10 that is pain ... they need pain meds.

I know good high school coaches are hard to find, but it seems that our local high school could do better than what we have come up with. Come on, Coach, when you need to score, play your best shooters instead of your turnover artist. It is sad that the players must have no confidence in your ability to not only win games but also to have someone that they can look up to and respect, bless their hearts.

Bring your animals inside during this, and every, frigid period. Please keep them warm and safe. Blankets left outside get wet and freeze, winds make the temperature feel much lower and the ground gets wet making it feel much colder. Animals need more food to help keep warm, open 'shelters' don't protect. If you're unable to care for your animal, please bring them to someone who can.

Bless your hearts to all the doctor's offices. Waiting and spending all day in an office is atrocious. And you should check on patients once they're in the room. What happened to that policy?

Bless your heart to State Employees' Credit Union. I must say I love doing business with this bank and have for many years, but where is the convenience of driving to the bank just to use the teller machine? You need to figure out where you are going to place more mobile Cash Points machines so we are not forced to wait in long lines at the drive through. Don't make me change banks ... just kidding, I would never change, but in the process I have developed hypertension!

Bless your heart to our mail carrier, James! A few days before Christmas, James spotted me in our driveway trying to figure out how to jumpstart my car. He jumped out of the mail Jeep and took valuable time from his day to be sure. I hooked the cables safely and got my car started. Thank you so much, James! Greenville's USPS is fortunate to have an employee who really goes the extra mile to provide customer service!

Bless your hearts to the person who hit our blue RAV4 at the mall on New Year's Eve and didn't leave a note saying you're sorry or your insurance information. People like that make me sick. They think they can get away with everything. Shame on you.

BYH City of Greenville, if you can't afford or are unwilling to keep the microfilm readers maintained in the library, what makes you think you will be able to afford or be willing to maintain a pedestrian bridge?

Bless our local hearts. It seems that if you are a Suddenlink subscriber that you are continually subjected to two of the worst commercial campaigns in history. BetterGreenviileJobs.com and Suddenlink themselves. Abysmal trash. Enough to make me finally consider cutting the cord.

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