A BYH to the grammar challenged staff at the DR. Friday's front page indicated that cigarette butts "lay" on the...

Jan. 8 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, January 8, 2017

BYH to the two young ladies who rescued and returned my elderly mother's Maltese named Lizzie. Can't thank you enough for being so proactive in finding her. And thanks to our neighborhood and friends! It took six hours to find her. Thank God for loving hearts and social media.

The removal of plastic bags from the commercial area is a good thought — but it gives us another problem. Some people are not really good at maintaining the reusable bags. Putting food in a nasty bag makes the cashier and should make the buyer sick. I have seen what happens when you do this. The bags have to be washed and not thrown into the trunk to be forgotten until you go to the store.

BYH to those who wish to ban plastic bags as a way to reduce the local pollution and damage to our rivers and water supply. Instead of banning them, do like DC does. Require the stores to charge ten cents per bag. It is a great profit for the stores, a drastic reduction in bag usage and wastage, an increase in multiple use bags, and a cleaner world. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

BYH Ford and GMC ... Drump slams you for possible international business but toasts his own Mumbai partner, Hussain Sajwani on New Year's. Just name a car after him and make it anywhere you want. (Don't forget his cut or it's bad for business.)

Everyone continues to bellyache about the state and federal election outcomes. People need to take note of the unqualified politicians elected in Pitt County who continue to place unqualified people in created positions as a payback for political favors and vote them out.

Bless your heart to DOT. Please fix the stoplight turning left into Patheon and the light turning left onto Greene Street from Memorial Drive. The left turn lane light at Patheon turns green whether anyone is waiting or not and stays that way for too long. The light at Greene and Memorial Drive near ECVC turns green whether anyone is coming out of Greenfield Terrace or not. This is absolutely ridiculous when you are trying to get to work or home from work.

Bless the DR for its editorial going into more depth on Greenville's No. 1 ranking in the entire state in dangerous roads and crash data. Data-based decisions should help our leaders do something more about road safety for everyone regardless of how they move about — walk, ride, or drive. Vision Zero should indeed be our common goal and I appreciate the DR holding our designers, planners, LEAs, and elected officials accountable.

Since Hillary lost there has been an outcry that feminism is dead. That is probably true and I think it is because many women now act like men. We got women fighting in the ring and we got women smoking in public. Where have the soft girls gone?

Bless our heart, our country just lost its way a little but instead of gently steering it back onto the path, we turned it straight into the deep swamp, and it's not drained, it's freshly stocked.

As President Obama leaves office we can give him credit for defeating Hillary Clinton. His lackadaisical attitude toward Bill and Hillary's campaign sealed the deal for Trump. It was evident there was little love lost between the Clintons and Obamas.

BYH to the patio sweep angel. This is at Treybrooke. I appreciate your strong arm!

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