BYH to the families who have to go to their child's graduation with all the screaming and hollering going on so you can...

Jan. 9 Bless Your Heart


Monday, January 9, 2017

President-elect Trump is bringing jobs back from Mexico and the liberals are livid. I don't understand why the Democrats do not want to Make America Great Again. Jump on the bandwagon and let us move forward together.

Bless his heart, if the tables were reversed and it was Trump that won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes but lost the electoral college, he would probably at this date still not have conceded. And there is no telling what his voter base, the ones with most of the guns, would be doing right now. He said the vote was rigged, but since he won, he doesn't care.

People who voted for both Obama and Trump voted for novelty.

Bless your heart Roy Cooper for bringing back the crooks who worked for Perdue and Easley. As they say, "Birds of a feather flock together."

BYH to the one defending Citizens United, it was the most corrupt overreach of any court, whose majority was installed by a party whose ideology is based in greed and hoarding of wealth. It is idiocy to grant corporations 'personhood,' they get all the Constitutional benefits but none of the responsibilities; you can't draft or execute a corporation. And if you think money equals speech, you should have to accept as a paycheck ... a speech!

BYH to Trump: When he blunders our country into another war, which one of his kids will he send to the military? Oh right, he won't send any of his own family. But he will gladly send your sons and daughters. His will stay home. They have billions of dollars to make.

BYH to President-elect Trump. I did not vote for you, but I accept the process. My sincere hope is that you will prove me wrong, but every day you remind me of exactly why I didn't support you. Do not forget you are the leader of the entire country, not just the top 1 percent. I'm asking you to move away from your history of Twitter "payback," hateful rhetoric and narcissism. Be a president our children can look up to with pride. That would go a long way to help change perception. God bless.

BYH to the one who 'couldn't believe Obama let the Russians hack the election.' It was Trump who said in his last press conference six months ago, "Russia, if you're listening, please find those 30,000 emails Hillary lost," thereby soliciting political cyber espionage against the American election in an appeal to a Cold War adversary that some have called treason. Hypocrite.

BYH to the GOP that have revealed their values in common with ruthless, self-serving plutocrats like Putin. They having nothing but contempt for democracy and the free press on which it depends, are funded by the fossil fuel industry and command a massive, effective propaganda network. Putin has the KGB and GRU; Trump has the NY office of the FBI and the Russian GRU.

BYH to the writer who thinks my point on Obama stealing from Medicare was crazy. To the tune of $716 billion, not with a gun, but with cuts so deep to Medicare and Medicare Advantage it has seriously harmed seniors' access to care by limiting what is paid to hospitals and doctors. Just read the Forbes report, there is so much more.

BYH to Trump. He wants to use couriers instead of computers for communication. I might suggest carrier pigeons instead. They are cheaper. As a bonus, the Russians won't be able to interrogate them for information.

BYH it's a new year and bygones are not bygones. Remember your past comes full circle sometimes.

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