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Jan. 10 Bless Your Heart


Bobby Burns

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

BYH to the Russians. They were very important in assisting the U.S. in defeating the Nazis. Now, it looks like they may have played an essential role in preventing us from having another four to eight years of socialism. I, for one, say "God bless them!"

Wouldn’t it be weird if I sat in my driveway honking my car horn for hours on end? Wouldn’t it be rude for me to practice the trombone in my front yard for all to hear, say about 5 a.m.? Wouldn’t it be ludicrous to play the radio loud on my deck all evening, every day? So why do so many people let their dogs bark, bark, bark, bark, bark — all hours of the day? Quiet your animals. My family and I don’t want to hear it!

BYH to all the criminals who feel like they can shoot their guns into people's homes not considering some innocent person will get hurt or killed. I say empty the jails and send them all to another country like Iraq, Syria or wherever they can shoot all they want trying to survive. It would bless my heart.

BYH Roy Cooper. Are you going to see how many fights you can start with the Republican legislature? How long will it take for you to figure out for the good of North Carolina that you may want to try working with them? Otherwise it will be a long four years and even longer before Democrats get the governorship back.

I just saw on the news tonight the burial of another fallen police officer, shot point-blank while questioning a subject. That alone is an argument for body cameras, if not just for evidence of the one who shot you.

BYH, Megyn Kelly, you embody all that is corrupt in our society and incorrect in our country.

BYH to Roy Cooper and his two-billion-dollar surplus. Greenville needs to speed up its Town Common updates before state matching funds dry up.

René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, gets credit for the discovery of the Ohio River, and De Soto gets credit for the discovery of the Mississippi River. Who will get credit for crossing the Tar on the swing bridge?

Yet another snarky BYH today about Al Gore “inventing” the internet, which is on the list of the 10 most famous things never said. All you have to do is google "Gore invented the internet" to learn the entire history of what became the internet and Gore's involvement in the process. When someone snarks about Gore “inventing” the internet, just know they are lying, bless their heart.

I am proud to say that I am a supporter of both Barack and Hillary. I am an ultra-liberal, and I can hardly wait to turn this country into a utopia. However, there is one request that I feel I must make: I just wish that these so-called conservatives would stop trying to confuse me with facts.

Awww, that's so cute. You were the victim of a coup, and you don't even know it, bless your heart.

Bless my heart, I just don't understand it. Republicans, for good reason, have always been the ones who were most wary and suspicious of Russia's intentions, motivations and actions. But soon we will have a president who seemingly trusts Putin more than our intelligence agencies. Do you?

Bless the new year. We have much to look forward to in Greenville. A new downtown theater and a foot bridge over the Tar River. And more potholes.

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