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Jan. 11 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

BYH people. Don't try to walk on ice. Don't blame the apartment director when you fall. Apartments can't control Mother Nature or your actions. We are working on cleaning up the ice. Stay inside.

Bless those business owners who took the time and effort, or paid someone else, to clear and clean the sidewalks in front of their shops. Clearly you want our business and do things to make sure we are all safe. Those who couldn't be bothered to clean their sidewalks obviously do not want our business and therefore won't long after the snow and ice have melted. Those who do not even bother to have sidewalks just continue to lose more business every day.

As I understand ECU students pay student fees to support college athletics. Wonder how much of that student fee money is borrowed? Seems silly to borrow money to support a college team. Those loans are hard to pay back. I know.

Blagoslovite svoye serdtse. That's Russian for "Bless your heart." Just practicing for the incoming administration.

A big, warm bless your heart to my paper carrier, Inez. We live on Dalebrook Circle, which was one of the few roads that was closed during the snow and ice storm. On Sunday morning, I hesitantly went out to get my paper and was delighted to see that an extra effort had been made to get it further in my driveway so that I had fewer icy steps to take. Ms. Inez, your effort did not go unnoticed, and I wanted to thank you. I can't imagine how cold you must have been driving around with your window down ... makes me shiver just thinking about it. Thank you again for always making an effort to get us our Bless Your Heart. 

Bless NCDOT for salting the roads before the rain comes down to wash it all in our creeks and rivers. Other than killing our fish, dirtying our cars, slowing down traffic behind doubled-up trucks and making a mess, what good does salt brine on the roads do before the rain washes it away into the water system?

No BYH to the carrier for our Daily Reflector. Neighbors all got their papers, however, at noon Saturday we still do not have our paper. For the last year, our service has not been satisfactory. We pay our bills on time and have taken the DR for many years. So this is not because of the weather today; we have constantly had very poor service for the last year. Not appreciated by the Daily Reflector. If you have an hour, you can call the DR and listen to the static tunes of Elvis and never get a answer. We’re ready for good customer service — Make America Great Again, please.

Bless the hearts of the drivers who risk the lives and brains of children by pulling them at high speeds by ropes across ice by their trucks. The brain damage and broken bones that you risk inflicting defy common sense.

I enjoy reading the DR every morning but want to praise you for putting your carriers' safety first. I can wait for my papers until the roads are safe for everyone.

BYH. We are now more than a week into the new year. This means Christmas decorations should be taken down. Please don't make us look at it all year.

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