Bless my heart, I love Greenville and the people here. People are so friendly and everyone is so nice to me. My husband...

Feb. 17 Bless Your Heart


Friday, February 17, 2017

Bless the heart of the company that has a sign up that says it's looking for a "lead man" in the warehouse. Are you serious? It's 2017! I believe what you're actually looking for is a "lead person," which could very well be a woman.

BYH to the person who needs five feet of personal space around them in the grocery store. Easy solution: just wear a 5-foot-wide plastic cone over your head. This will ensure your personal space.

It is widely acknowledged that money can't buy happiness. However, it sure can stave off a lot of misery.

Bless the hard heart of N.C. DMV's registration process. Old guy — don't want to go to the DMV office to renew vehicle registration. Register online for convenience. Oops! Over 80 years old. Sorry, numbers don't go that high online. Just run down to your local DMV and stand in line for hours. We take care of our customers — not

Bless your heart Winterville City Council. You not only tried to fill a vacant seat behind closed doors, which is not allowed, but also went against your own policy of the next highest vote-getter receiving the seat. ... Taxpayers, it's time to pay attention! This is corruption and we should not stand for it!

Just want to bless my ex's heart that was so cheap on my engagement set and band that when I pawned it I only got $60 back when I left him. Really cheap, man, I know love isn't based on money but LOL!

Hey, NCAA, NFL and NBA? How about getting back to your sports and get out of politics? Maybe you will get some fans back.

BYH to Rick Smiley for thinking of all of the people who have to travel Evans Street. With the growth of Greenville, there will be many traffic issues to deal with and subdivisions should not be in the position to stop progress. DOT has already said if they have to deal with walls or berms they will replace them.

Thank you, Sheetz, for the accuracy of my food order, for always being so kind to me while I order my food and for always being to work on time. Thank you, Sheetz, for the self-serve kiosks that have eliminated the part-time worker. And by part-time, of course, I mean those who only work part of the time while on the job. Regardless of our new Secretary of Labor, all restaurants should make the switch to self-serve kiosks. #$15forflippingburgersisajoke!

Well, bless my heart and my slow mind. Finally, it dawned on me — the purpose of the rumble strips on East 10th Street. To let drivers know they are coming up to the ABC Store!

National Security Adviser Flynn just resigned due to lying, bless his heart. I remember his face at the Republican convention as he stood there as the crowd chanted "Lock her up," a chant Trump reveled in many many times. Poetic justice would find large crowds having the reason to chant "lock him up" about Trump someday soon. It's called karma, look it up.

BYH to those who live on Evans and East Fire Tower Road: You saw the widening of the road on other parts of these major roads. How can you say you didn't see it coming? You're either delusional or live in La-La Land.

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