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March 20 Bless Your Heart


Monday, March 20, 2017

BYH I am still laughing. Someone writes in that it would be easy to repeal Daylight Saving Time because two-thirds of the country supports it. If half of congressmen in Washington would vote the way the majority of their constituents wanted, our government would run so smoothly that we wouldn't hardly recognize it. But thanks anyway.

Bless his heart, Trump has put his credibility, and that of his entire administration, on his baseless claims that Obama had Trump Tower wire tapped. If no evidence emerges, there is reason to never believe anything he ever says again.

BYH to the billions of dollars of tax dollars spent on the local highways for cars and trucks. I drove on 264 for two hours in the middle of the night and never saw another car at all. Clearly we do not need so many roads and bridges if they are not going to be used at all hours by everyone ... or so the argument goes against sidewalks and bike lanes in our area.

A big BYH to the liberal media. During the last election, they referred to people without a “college education” as “uneducated.” This is very degrading to good hard-working Americans. What they are saying is, because someone doesn’t go to college, they’re stupid. They are a bunch of elitists that feel superior to the “working class” or “peasants.” Let them eat cake.

What do you do with an unused parking deck? Best thing to do is offer free parking to the employees so that it looks like it is being used. I wear dark clothes because they seem to make me look thinner than I really am. And I color my hair. We are all in this thing together and making things look better is the work of us all.

Will someone please wake up the employees at the main post office and tell them someone is calling, bless their hearts.

BYH to those who try to push their religion on others, just remember what George Carlin had to say: "Religion is like a pair of shoes, find one that is comfortable for you, but don't try to make me wear your shoes. And for Pete's sake, don’t nail soles onto the feet of the natives!"

BYH Greenville taxpayers! Another downtown parking study to be paid for with your tax dollars. You paid for a spiffy $5 million parking garage, which will now need to be used for city employees due to poor planning of city leaders who sold the employees' parking space for yet more student Housing. Now, you get to pay more of your infinite tax dollars for a study to tell you that you need more parking downtown and that you should pay for another parking structure. #CityCouncilLeadership

BYH to the person complaining about the new student housing and breweries uptown. I suppose you would rather see empty buildings and vacant lots? I bet you live in the university area and complain about too many students!

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