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April 21 Bless Your Heart


Friday, April 21, 2017

BYH to the Winterville Watermelon Committee. You need to be self-supporting! Get bigger, get smaller, or get out.

BYH to the individual who does not believe that money is speech. It is very apparent to me that they have never had the opportunity to talk with a thick pack of Ben Franklins. It will speak in a loud, clear voice which is difficult, if not impossible, to ignore.

BYH to the Daily Reflector for taking subscribers' money, but do not deliver or credit them for not getting the paper. Even the Easter Bunny delivered eggs.

BYH I live in Cherry Oaks. I received my mail at 8 p.m. last night. Something needs to be done because it is so inconsistent on getting the mail to us.

BYH to the protestors who are protesting Donald Trump's tax report. Where were you when Obama refused to give up his birth certificate? Seems like a paradox.

BYH to my husband of many years. You know who you are. Sometimes it seems that you don't want to be bothered having a conversation with me — only when you want to. That's okay too. Just remember there may come a time when you want to talk and I don't.

BYH, Suddenlink. As a subscriber who doesn't live in Greenville, I don't give a rat's patoot about the new weather radar channel format. All the information regarding the Greenville Utilities Commission is not only completely useless to me, but also to everyone else who subscribes and doesn't live in Greenville.

BYH to the grandmother who is so kind and supportive of her family and others. She always puts others first and herself last. She is the rock of the family. She is one of the kindest, most giving, most humble and loving grandmothers I know.

BYH ex-governor McCrory. I read in the paper that you're having a hard time finding a full-time job. Remember when you stopped the unemployment insurance for some of us?

Bless my mother's heart. She is truly a good person. I just want to say thanks, Mom. You are loved very much.

BYH of Greenville City Council and Mayor. I appreciate the hard work that you do for us and the long meetings that you have. But, please, please, please deposit your chewing gum in the nearest trashcan as you start the meeting. I reckon it's the old teacher in me that thinks that it is very, very unprofessional for leaders to sit up there and chomp on chewing gum.

Bless our children of Grifton school. They've been without a gym for over a year. At one point we were getting updates as to what's going on with it. We don't hear anything now. Grifton always gets the short end of the stick.

Bless Trump's heart. If we really want a wall built, why not have the 63 million people who voted for him donate $500 each to a GoFund Me account. The wall will be built by the people who want it.

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