BYH. Asking Trump to eradicate corruption is like asking a pig to eradicate mud....

May 19 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

BYH Greenville for paying for yet another parking study with our tax dollars. I don't own a car so I don't need to park it downtown, yet I pay and pay and pay for studies, parking decks, extra wide roads so they can be used as parking spaces. Please stop subsidizing these people parking and living off of the government! Make them pay their fair share for parking.

BYH to whoever needed my mailbox more than me. You gave me a one-of-a-kind Mother's Day gift, one I will never forget. Be sure to go to Lowe’s to get numbers for your address to put on it. I hope every time you check your mail you think of me. I feel special that out of everybody in the neighborhood you loved mine.

Now wait just a minute. Someone wrote into BYH complaining about a lawyer's advertisement. I love them myself. Seeing lawyers doing the used car ads means that the legal profession is coming on down to my level. As a matter of fact, my lawyer doubles as an aluminum siding salesman when he is not performing as a rodeo clown. He really is smart.

Thecity should sell or give Bradford Creek to ECU. The college always has plenty of money or else just raise student fees to pay for the golf course. Learning golf is one of the foundations of a college education and playing golf is a good way to relax while contemplating how to get out of paying off student loans.

With the slight increase of bicycle lanes, events and seeing more cyclists out on the road, I was inspired to get mine out of my garage and take it for a spin. Wow! You people are onto something. I had a great time moving about, felt somewhat safe, and logged 15 miles before I knew it. I see and support the need for more bike lanes and bike racks in Greenville and Pitt County. It is a great way to get around ... I am just not sure about those tight shorts, BYH.

BYH to the Town of Winterville. First, you allowed a tree business to locate behind one subdivision and across from another one. Now, you want to let two residents of Clevewood bring in chickens. What's next: goats and cows? Clevewood is a subdivision and part of the town. Shouldn't all of the residents expect protection from the town?

BYH to our newspaper deliverer Mr. Best — an excellent employee and now friend!

BYH to those attending the Pitt County uniform gripe session. Rest assured there are thousands of residents who support the policy. To the young man who had in-school suspension about 25 times: is this rebellion or can't you really understand the uniform policy? Maybe your mommy can help. School is a place for learning. Save your creativity for after school.

BYH to Greenville Little League for having to go to Wilson for someone to cater barbecue. Are you kidding me? All the support you receive from Greenville businesses and you can't support one. Shame on you.

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