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July 17 Bless Your Heart


Monday, July 17, 2017

I want to give thanks and a bless your heart especially to this man at Cracker Barrel. I had a birthday on June 26 and he came out behind me and blessed me with a birthday gift. ... I thank you ever so much. I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me, but God knew us both and sent you directly to me. Happy birthday to me!

Bless your heart to the police for Operation Hornets’ Nest and to the court system for Operation Free the Hornets.

BYH to the organizers of the car seat check at the fire department. I understand these are volunteers putting this on, but how about make it on a Saturday once in a while? These things are always in the middle of the day or 9-3, what I like to call "non-working" people's hours. I work 8-5, so a Saturday or Sunday clinic would be helpful.

The doctor walked into the office and enthusiastically said, “Hey buddy, I can fix you.” Dr. Leo Jenkins would feel so gratified that his hard push for a four-year medical school in the east has paid off in in many ways. The powers west of us gave Jenkins a hard time, but today a case you couldn’t solve was successfully taken care of here at ECU by people who thought outside the 3-D box. No pun intended.

Earned Income Credit: Millions of Americans are unable to work full time or they do not qualify for good-paying jobs. One group refuses to work for low wages, so they draw government entitlements. A second group does the best they can by taking whatever job they can get. The second group gets the Earned Income Credit. Which group is the most deserving?

Drinking at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings? Isn't that called the "hair of the dog"? Of course a Bloody Mary has long been touted as a hangover cure. I doubt my wife will let me take a drink at any time on a Sunday. She doesn't even wash clothes on Sunday.

BYH, Greenville drivers! You've certainly learned where the horn is and how to operate it, but you haven't figured out where the turn signal is or how to operate it.

BYH to the car owners who choose to run their empty cars adding to the heat, smog, pollution and poor air quality in our areas. It is hot enough already so why keep adding to it by burning more and more gas? Ride instead of drive ... you'll be healthier for it. Or just turn off your car sometimes.

Thank you again to the young lady at Sam's who paid for my grocery bill about a week and a half ago. I was quite surprised by such a kind gesture and I will pay it forward. God bless you!

The universe visible from the Hubble Space Telescope contains ten sextillion stars. That is a one followed by 22 zeroes. So when you get agitated by the minutiae of this world, just contemplate the vastness and wonder of this universe and realize how beautiful everything is. Bless your heart.

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