BYH: To the city of Greenville. You spend dollars promoting uptown Greenville to draw many in. Now you want to drive...

Aug. 5 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, August 5, 2017

A big BYH to Hillary Rodham Clinton! Let’s see — you had the DC establishment, both Democrats and Republicans, Hollywood liberals, Union bosses and the main stream media pulling for you. Then we find out the U.S. Postal Service was supporting you, too, which just happens to be illegal. Just remember all you can say is “Russia, Russia, Russia.” BYH.

So...when the new immigration policy kicks in, do you think they will continue to work for less than minimum wage, with zero benefits/health insurance? Think they will continue to do the jobs that most Americans refuse to do, yet complain immigrants are taking from them? Bless my heart for not understanding how this makes us great.

BYH to rent to felons. Being a felon is tough, but start small. Rent from aunt or uncle for now. Take a few bucks and get stuff to sell at flea markets or to friends. Forget about working for a company. My first company made $7 profit the first week. My uncle/landlord understood. Now I clear $1K a week. Hang in there! Good luck!

BYH to the continued push for more free parking spaces in our downtown area. News flash — they ain’t free. We pay for them in taxes, higher costs, higher retail costs, noise, light pollution, waste water run off, etc. Time to wean ourselves off this addiction to oil, gas and gas.

BYH Daily Reflector, great article Thursday on Coach Wojtecki and well deserved, but it could have been done Friday or any other day. You had the second Greenville Tar Heel Little League team win the Southeast Region Tournament of State Champions in undefeated fashion and all they got was a corner of the sports section. Greenville has won the State Championships for just about every age group (a record I’m sure) and where is the press coverage?

Bless all of those smokers who treat our shared parks, sidewalks, and other spaces as their own personal ashtray by littering their butts wherever they would like.

Bless their hearts, after the Boy Scout and law enforcement speeches and ensuing apologies, any group that Trump is scheduled to speak before should just have their apologies pre-written to save some time and get ahead of the curve.

BYH Jeff. I was downtown the other day and had a blow out pulling into the parking lot behind old Blount Harvey's. Jeff and his wife Sarah appeared and Jeff said, “Looks like you need some help.” He graciously changed my tire on the spot even though I think he and his wife were going to supper. What a nice man to offer me assistance and he seemed happy to help. I cannot thank him enough for being so gracious about changing my tire. It humbled me and also reinforced that good and kind people still live in Greenville.

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