BYH to those wanting outdoor dining uptown. I'm with you as long as we pass a law keeping mosquitoes and other insects...

Aug. 11 Bless Your Heart


Friday, August 11, 2017

BYH WITN for playing the intro music to the news broadcast so loud that it is nearly impossible to make out what the reporter is trying to say. Hmm, considering what the news is like these days, maybe this is a real BYH!

Bless you heart to all the people who incorrectly say “your” instead of “you’re.” It is very simple. If you would say, “you are,” then it should be “you’re.” If not, “your” probably works. Autofill on our computers puts “your” in and it is really a pain to correct it. But, please do. It makes you look less intelligent and may cost you a job or a client. Proper English is necessary.

Bless his heart, Trump has convinced 60 percent of the American people that everything he says is a lie. Where does this road lead to?

Bless your heart “New Greenville” and your hateful message. Aren’t you supposed to be advocating for an all-inclusive community? Sounds like you have so much pent up anger toward certain people who don’t share the same ideology as your far left agenda.

I see where a top church leader has been excommunicated. In our church we do not do that. The guy in question will rather take a few members and start a new church down the road. Our church already has so many spin-offs it is hard to keep track.

Bless the hearts of those people who have to go to their car for more money. Bring your wallet in the store with you.

Bless your heart, Pitt County School Board. You have one parent complain and you want to change your policy? Why not grow a backbone and stick to your decision? Low-income families can’t afford monogrammed shirts, so now our kids can feel less important. Thanks a lot!

Bless your heart, Greenville, Pitt County and eastern N.C. Suddenlink has sold out to an overseas company. You call in, but Greenville does not answer; it goes to Texas. We’re not getting good service like we were before. I think everybody with Suddenlink should call their representatives, House and Senators, in this area and complain about the way we’ve been treated by Suddenlink.

BYH to the driver on Thomas Langston Road. I was driving the speed limit at 45 mph so your being five air molecules from my rear bumper was not going to make me drive any faster. If anything it makes me slow down a bit.

Bless your bad heart Vidant. As a state employee you say we are not entitled to get 30 years of service with the state when we go unified. You want to pay out sick and vacation time so we have PTO. That is why I do not work for Vidant. Thanks, ECU, for selling us out.

Recent reports indicate that N.C. prisons are not safe for inmates. Isn’t that a pretty good reason to lead a moral and upright life so as to avoid incarceration? Get married instead. It is the same life, but usually just her and her mother are yelling at you and telling you what to do.

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