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Aug. 12 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, August 12, 2017

A huge BYH to the North State team from Greenville for winning the Southeast Region and punching a ticket to the Little League World Series. It was an inspiring run, conducted with good sportsmanship, composure and class. You represent all the good things about our city and eastern NC. Though the entire city cannot make the trip to Williamsport, all our thoughts, prayers and support will travel with you! Good luck and God bless!

Bless the hearts of Greenville public works. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law only 27 years ago. Only now does our city start to make some of its sidewalks accessible. Inclusion seems to be in slow mode here.

Bless the hearts of the greenway planners. It is one of the best investments that our local leaders have ever gotten from federal funds to improve the quality of living here in Greenville. Thank you for the few miles that we have, and I look forward to many more. Maybe some will even connect us to nearby towns and we’ll be able to really use it as a commuting option.

Bless your heart to the judge that continues felony weapon and drug charges for two years. That’s ridiculous.

BYH to the writer who correctly said you should stay behind the white line until you can make the turn; however, if you are at an intersection where there is a red light camera you can reduce your chances of getting a $100 fine by crossing the line early.

BYH, Chancellor Staton and other ECU leaders talking about ECU being a national institution. Maybe when kids don’t have to consult “Rate My Professor” to pick classes so as to avoid some of the terrible professors. Maybe making more effort to retain some of the excellent ones that have left. And research? Please fix a broken system that discourages talented faculty from doing it. Change those deficiencies and then let’s talk about a national university.

Bless your heart, Councilman Godley. You truly are a servant of the people. I rode the city bus with you and had a great discussion about all the wonderful initiatives you are working on at the city. Your passion and service will truly be missed on the council.

I vote for a dress code for school board members. Sorry, no monograms, Mr. Forrest, they don’t look good at all. Oh, suit and ties for the men and business attire for the ladies. BYH school board members, dress to impress. The better you dress, the better decisions you will make.

BYH to all the coworkers out there who come in to work and never acknowledge others who greet them in the morning. Didn’t your parents teach you any manners?

BTH of Leigh Guth from County Extension. She has been behind the Leroy James Farmers Market 100 percent. Her support has been so much appreciated. We are so proud of this Farmers Market!

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