BYH, they are paving Dickinson Avenue!!! I thought I would not live long enough to see that street get paved. Thank you!...

Aug. 13 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, August 13, 2017

BYH to the Comic Con “Wonder Woman.” Where did you find such a mean spirited, unappreciative man? I don’t want to go there!

Bless the hearts of those who wish to hide history by proposing the removal of the Confederate War heroes statue in front of the county courthouse. It is our history, like it or not, and hiding it does not make it go away.

BYH to Washington. We should probably send Dennis Rodman over to North Korea since the leader Kim Jong-un seems to like Rodman. Maybe he could solve some of our problems because the rest of it seems to be a joke.

Bless your hearts to one of the department store workers who slammed doors in the ladies’ section while we were trying on clothes. You need to think that other people might not like slamming doors and they have heart problems. I was thinking of calling you out on your bad behavior. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and do not slam the doors. Or you might lose customers.

My son had a harebrained idea to go for a bike ride on the newly constructed greenway between Evans Street and Charles Boulevard. Though it was quiet and peaceful, we were the only ones on the path. My son had more fun in the car on the way home as we hit every pothole. He thought he was on a carnival ride. Bless your heart to liberal priorities.

BYH not to those drivers who sit at a stoplight when the light turns green texting. If you can’t drive without being distracted, stay home! What has happened to police officers enforcing the “no texting” laws? I see people texting every day while driving but never see any stopped. The police department really needs to combat this problem.

BYH to the Pitt County School Board. How many times is the uniform dress code going to change? Just when the updated dress code was announced, a parent (yes, one!) complains about monograms being allowed by one school and the board is going to discuss it. Formulate a policy and stick to it! You will never be able to make every parent happy. There will always be complainers.

Your online poll asked if I thought John McCain’s brain tumor swayed his vote on Obamacare. That is a little out of my league. You should go to that woman who is a “seer.” I think you put your money and some chicken feathers under a rug. When you take up the rug and the money is gone, then you will know the answer. If the money is still there, she made a mistake.

Thank you, Councilman Godley, for your efforts to keep “The Grid” clean during the move-in and move-out seasons. For so many years homeless citizens would dig through the trash at the road and now the city comes and picks up the trash before that can happen. I hate to see you go as our representative.

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