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Aug. 15 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

BYH Winterville PD, you have some of the nicest, professional officers. Other small towns would benefit by following their lead.

BYH ECU state employees. Welcome to the real world; the gravy train of benefits is over!

As I was driving around the city noticing all the large construction cranes, I also began to notice new roads. Greenville, you look good in your new suit.

Stanford University has introduced a course to discuss the “possibilities of … abolishing whiteness,” according to the course description. I am not too sure where this is headed. I am pretty sure I was born the color I am and just thought it was part of the natural process. I would like to lose weight and grow more hair, but changing color seems a might drastic.

Bless your heart, Vidant, for being one of the dirtiest hospitals I have ever seen. You should be using some of the ridiculous profit from the outrageous prices charged in the cafeteria to keep the hospital clean!

I have been studying all the campaign promises made by city council and mayoral candidates over the past 25 years. By my calculation, if all of their promises had come true, then we would be living in a city of over 40 million people with a greenway that would stretch to Kathmandu. Please remember to discount campaign promises by a factor of 110 percent. Then forget them and you will not be disappointed.

BYH and welcome back, ECU students. Just one favor, please put your devices in the glove compartment when you drive. Thank you.

BYH to the painters and planners of the bike lanes that are on less than 1 percent of our roads. It is great that Greenville is starting to realize that many of us wish to be able to safely bike and walk. However, a few token bike lanes that never connect with each other just makes sharing the roads even more dangerous. Drivers of cars speed too much, run red lights and refuse to share the roads with others. City leaders need to see what cities like Raleigh are doing to improve the quality of life for the people who live there and make every street safe to use by everyone.

NO BYH to NCDOT. Where is the road going from Dickinson to 10th Street? I would say 50 percent of the cars going down Dickinson would turn right onto 10th. There’s no road anymore!

Bless his heart, candidate Trump said “I’m not going to have time to play golf, believe me” if elected, and “Who the ... wants to leave the White House?” Well, today marked the 50th day he has spent at one of his golf resorts as president, making those words as empty as everything else he’s said.

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