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Sept. 5 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I understand the dangerous nature of loose dogs in the country and how extra dangerous they are to people riding their bicycles, but to meet a cyclist who has his concealed carry permit just to carry his gun to defend himself against chasing dogs seems a bit much. Please owners keep your dogs on your property and don't let them chase cyclists. One of them just may feel threaten enough to defend himself and your dangerous dog won't like it.

BYH, all I can say is that if I had voted for Trump, the guilt would weigh on my head like a millstone. And what we've seen is the tip of the iceberg, he hasn't even started the real destruction; and when that starts, it will happen fast, and the fault will be on every vote for Trump, whatever the reason.

BYH to the person who said the world is laughing at the USA because of Trump. They may be laughing at the liberals and the media who refuse to lose, with fake news on and on. The world did laugh with Obama's red line in the sand, his announced military strategies in advance, his B league ISIS category, and his poor relationship with our strongest ally, Israel. North Korea did not laugh when Trump stood tall, and the media needs to recognize the majority spoke in November.

"We have no choice. We must lower our taxes". Yeah, right. I just heard Trump say those words on television a minute ago. What he means is he gets a break worth hundreds of millions, you get pennies and even that will be more than made up by the shortfalls on the programs you use because of the tax dollars being lost. The conjob shell game of trickle down Reaganomics is being played on you again, bless your heart.

BYH to John McCain, who obviously has Presidential envy. Losing to Obama in 2008 was a confirmation that his views were not for America, and his deciding vote on health care was clearly a demonstration of his lack of support for Trump, who did what McCain could not — win the Presidency. Term limits are desperately needed to drain the swamp, which includes all the career politicians who are filling their pockets with our money, year after year. Jones, Butterfield and many more.

BYH Pitt County Animal Shelter for robbing the City of Greenville of $80 per animal they bring in. As a citizen of Greenville, who already pays city and county taxes, seems to me we are being double taxed. The City of Greenville needs its own animal shelter. With we pay the Pitt County per animal we could build a rather nice place for city animals.

What in the world is going on in Greenville? What happened to Allen Thomas? I left for the summer and came back to a new mayor! Right before I left, Mercer was sleeping at the meeting and Connelly was yelling at the staff. This should be an interesting campaign cycle.

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