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Sept. 6 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bless your heart to the oil companies. Whenever there is a natural disaster, we can count on you sticking it to us. This is especially true at the local level.

BYH to the comment made about the governor visiting the area to support the Little League teams. Why do politics have to be brought into everything? I’m proud of the team and the governor is as well.

Bless those Farmville people who have worked hard to bring our town nearly 2,000 visitors next month all on bicycles. I am looking forward to seeing so many people come though our town and discover what a gem it is. Thanks for organizing this and working to make our town safer for people to walk, ride, and live in.

Bless their hearts, why do evangelical Christians form such a solid base of Trump supporters when every single thing he is about runs counter to everything Christ taught? From his stance on taxes, to his arrogance, lies, all the way to serving “mammon.” Read what Christ said about rich people and what He would think of Trump saying, “I’m the most militaristic person there is.” Blessed are the peacemakers, indeed.

The military now says many young people are rejected for service because they are obese. When I was drafted the obese were sent to the fat platoon on reduced rations and increased exercise. I recall recruits crying when they were told to pack their belongings and move to the fat platoon. Where there is a will there is a way.

BYH to all those smokers who just toss their butts on the ground adding them to our drinking water supply. Thanks for the ashes and treating our shared drinking glasses as your personal ash trays.

BYH to our elected officials for helping to make our new official state flag in the wild those one-time use plastic bags. There clearly were not enough of them destroying our land and polluting our water or eaten by our fish. Your removal of local control reveals your RINO status.

While we are focusing on opiate addiction, please do me a favor and glance at the online jail booking photos. You will see that those selling these opiates are arrested time and time again for the same charge. It leads me to believe that the punishment for selling these deadly drugs does not change the behavior of the drug dealers.

$500,000 spent on studying the Town Creek Culvert project in 2013! You spent half of a million dollars to study this project and still have not acted on it! How many times do businesses have to flood before something is done? Let me guess, you need to study that as well? Come on, man!

Scotty, Scotty things are tough. You better soon start showing your stuff. Just look what Compher did to Ruff.

BYH to Ruffin McNeil. I hope he is doing okay at that little school he landed at in Norman, Okla.

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