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Sept. 7 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, September 7, 2017

I don't understand why people are getting mad at the girl uniforms, because not all the children show off their anatomy and some actually wear big shirts!

BYH City of Greenville. As a newcomer, I was astounded that there are no tornado sirens here!

Another shooting downtown. I guess we will soon hear, "He was getting his life turned around. Going back to college. Starting a reading program for neighborhood kids. Didn't do nothing."

BYH, police. I have a great deal of respect for the police, but Greenville has horrible, dangerous drivers, yet I have a better chance of winning the lottery than seeing a policeman patrolling the roads. Every time I am out, I could give at least three traffic tickets for speeding, running stoplights, etc., but I never see a policeman or anyone pulled for these. What is going on them? Are they all at the schools? I fear for my life every time I drive in Greenville!

Bless your heart to the ECU athletic director and his inability to schedule teams ECU can beat in football. The reason top FBS schools are scheduling us is to have a “W” in their win column before they play a top 20 team. Maybe the athletic director’s salary and the coach’s salary should reflect our win-loss record. Of course we may set a new attendance record to see ECU lose a game in our new mega stadium. Ruff and Lincoln, help, wherever you are!

It appears that I owe some BYH readers an apology. Some time ago, I suggested that if people wanted to avoid expensive monthly payments they could just pay cash for a car. A friend recently informed me that not everyone has $40 thousand to $50 thousand dollars available to purchase a car. So, sorry about that.

BYH to the writer that heard that ECU students who use student loans can only buy their books at the ECU bookstore. That is simply not true.

BYH to the Trump administration. They should deport the Nazis and keep the Dreamers.

BYH to the writer who was concerned about Chief of Police Greene being out in the community instead of hiding away in an office. Our chief is out and engaged in our community, wearing a uniform and being a town leader. He was out at the recent Farmville Farmer's market interacting with town people; that is where I enjoy seeing him. BYH for being concerned with his downtown movements.

BYH to parents who fail to nurture and instill solid values in their children, who may be doomed to having their mugshots displayed on reflector.com. As another school year begins, this is the time for parents to step up and teach their children how to behave and speak to others. Read to them, talk to them and show you love them. It begins at home.

BYH, God has it well in hand. Worry not about this world, unless it comes to your good fight, then fight it. Otherwise, if it won't matter to you a minute after you re-enter the spirit world, it shouldn't bother you now.

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