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Sept. 8 Bless Your Heart


Friday, September 8, 2017

BYH to the line painters on Fifth Street. You started to repaint the white lines for the cluttered, on-and-off broken bike lanes in front of the university formerly known as East Carolina, but forgot to label it as a bike lane. There are no signs along it, no symbols labeling it. It ends with every car turn; UPS trucks use it to park and it always is full of clutter. It is a very dangerous lane to have. Please fix it by finishing it … correctly.

Dear DR, please tell me my taxes aren't paying for the millions of commercials for free online public schooling. I have no children. Did Obama give our poor internet and computers? Why aren't liberals screaming about tax money spent for middle class and rich or demanding internet and computers for nonworking poor. When will the madness stop?

BYH, Greenville. I am so glad that you finally have a barrier to keep drivers from taking a left or going straight across Arlington at Bojangles and Wal-Mart. Now it's time to get some installed at Charles and Elm, Charles at Bells Fork, and on Fire Tower near Arlington and Charles. I hate seeing all of the wrecks in these areas due to people pulling out in front of others.

BYH Nathaniel Greene for having our city named after you while you owned slaves. Your painting still hangs in the lobby of City Hall, reminding us all of who is the boss. Perhaps it is time to change the name (like East Carolina University did to ECU) and remove your painting? Maybe just GV would be better than Greene Ville.

Bless Your Heart to our city council’s lack of support for Bradford Creek Golf Course. This is our city’s public course! I was visiting a city in the Piedmont area of our state that had a beautiful city course. Jamestown, N.C. has a population of 4,000 and we have 90,000. Wilson, a city in the east with a population of 45,000, has a city course. Please consider people who do not have a country club income!

What has happened to the football team at ECU? Could you stop trying to look whatever with the hair extensions, new uniforms and those horrible pictures in the Daily Reflector? Wednesday’s DR with the belly button showing was the last straw. That might be fine if you are six months old, however this is not acceptable for a college football team. ECU is a fine university and the attitude that this team is projecting is making us look like we don’t know up from down. 

Hey, newcomer to Greenville, welcome to town! I must correct you, though. G-Vegas does have tornado sirens. Most recently they went off from 5:12-5:15 a.m. and 5:22-5:27 a.m. on September 6 though there was no tornado.

If you are at a restaurant, don’t hog the big tables so you can do your crossword. The rest of us have to crowd around a small table. Have a heart.

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