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Sept. 9 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bless our hearts! I have been a long term ECU fan for many years, so I am not a fair-weather fan, but after witnessing the Pirates flat-lining on Saturday with no hope of recovery, I would respectfully request a refund for my remaining season tickets. If not, please provide me gasoline vouchers so that I can continue my shortcut through Brook Valley to see the fall foliage.

A true BYH for the person who responded to my comment regarding breaking and entering. Thanks for the legal definition; I did not know about that imaginary plane and I would think that many others also did not. Never too old to learn!

BYH to the university formerly known as East Carolina. You changed Petey to look like Jay Leno's skull and I had to buy new sports gear. I just bought an East Carolina shirt and now you change the name to ECU. Since you're using my tax dollars to change names, can I get an exchange on my shirt or a refund since you outdated it so soon?

Bless your heart to our teachers. I hope this will be a good, productive year for all of you. You have a very hard job and you are appreciated. Here’s to all of you and your students!

Due to the unforeseen circumstances with a medical situation with my wife, and I being unable to walk without assistance, we would not be able to get out to read our Daily Reflector every day. Terry Hemby, our newspaper carrier, is now placing our paper on the front porch where we can get it easily. Thanks. God bless!

Bless your heart  to the South Ayden multi-class reunion that was held this past Labor Day weekend. It was truly a grand occasion. Everything was very nice and organized. This was our 17th reunion and they keep getting better and better. It’s good to get together and share memories of our high school days.

BYH to the beautiful couple that assisted me at Aldi’s on 10th street. They not only helped me lift heavy items in the store, but they waited outside to help me put them in my car. Thank you so much.

Bless the heart of the interim assistant principal at a local middle school for handling student discipline in a timely manner with real consequences and not pointless "administrative conferences.”

No BYH to the drunk walking by my house last night and kicking both trash cans full of sticks and clippings into the middle of the road, set there to be picked up by the city. What is wrong with these people?

BYH why did Suddenlink cut off their channels?

Now we are back on this immigration business. If you follow the law, then you are jake. If you violate the law of the host country, then you are in trouble. Pretty simple. Be true to the law and the law will be true to you.

Bless your heart. Go with God.

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