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Sept. 10 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bless the heart of the ECU chancellor for allowing a new bus stop to be placed on 14th Street at a crosswalk. Now drivers don't know if students are waiting to cross the street or for the bus. Do you stop or go? What a hazard on this busy two-lane street.

BYH to Animal Protective Services for doing the job they were hired to do. Citizens may need to go online to check all feline diseases and educate yourselves to the health hazards felines can spread to humans and other cats. Adopting a pet is a job and, if looked after properly, is very expensive. Pitt County has an enormous number of stray cats roaming the area. Most live and breed in our storm drains. Thanks, Chief Holtzman, for the great job. The health of the citizens is the most important!

BYH, Donald Trump, Jr. I've lost count of how many different accounts he's come up with concerning his meeting with the Russians last June. We have yet to see how extensive that campaign's connections to the Kremlin goes, I wonder what the Republicans' reaction would be if it was Hillary at the center of this mess.

To the person offended by Nathaniel Greene and the name Greenville; how about we keep things simple and you move to a place where you will no longer be perpetually offended? I hear San Franpsycho is nice this time of year.

We think you missed the sarcasm in that post. Sometimes it doesn’t translate.

BYH to complaints about plastic grocery bags. I regularly mow long stretches of roadside during the mowing season and pick up garbage thrown out by others consisting of fast cups and wrappers from Burger King, McDonald’s, Hardee's and Speedway with occasional Monster drink cans, empty water bottles and losing lottery tickets. In six years, I've not picked up a single plastic bag.

BYH to Optima Tax Relief. I know it is probably bogus sales pitch, but I am offended (everyone’s new favorite term) if people can go to Optima Tax Relief because they made the money, haven’t paid the taxes on it and can get out of paying taxes like the rest of us are required to do. Either everyone pays the taxes on money they made or none of us should. 

Our state DOT should begin cleaning out the road ditches before the hurricane! This would help everyone. The state stopped cleaning the ditches years ago. No wonder the General Assembly cut the staff of the DOT two years ago by 19 percent.

Bless your hearts to the K&W for salting their food. I’d rather be eating bland food than eating a ton of salt. Please go easy on the salt shaker!

BYH to the boneheads in my neighborhood. Stop piling your grass clippings, leaves and limbs in the street and gutters. These things plug the drains and add to the flooding of our yards and roadways.


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