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Sept. 11 Bless Your Heart


Monday, September 11, 2017

Thank you to the Farmville Police Department for the new speed bumps on East Horne Avenue. They are a tremendous improvement to our neighborhood and make me feel safer to have my kids outside playing and riding bikes. I hope that other speed bumps get installed soon to make the areas near our schools and parks even safer from speeders.

Isn't it ironic that the president labels mainstream media as fake news, after those same media organizations (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) bent over backward during the campaign to carry every single word of every single rally speech live on TV. They must have thought his words would bury him, but they just ended up normalizing his insanity, bless their heart.

There is a weekly screed of we need more bike lanes, why businesses don't have bike stands, the city needs to add more greenbelt and a heavy admonishment about our "addiction" to oil. Here are the facts Jack: 99.5 percent of the people are not going to ride a bike to work unless gas is not available. So lets have some road repair for the taxpayers not more money spent on greenbelts and bridges to nowhere. Fewer potholes would benefit bike riders too.

Bless the heart of the person defending Cooper's sudden interest in Greenville Little League. Be warned, every politician will take advantage at every opportunity to make themselves look good and posing with children does just that. It matters not the party affiliation. Just look at Walter B. Jones Jr.'s most recent photographs, most all where he has visited classrooms. Politicians, including the governor, could care less about anything other than their re-election.

Bless your heart to the Pirate ship on Town Common. I actually like the concept. I can see Connelly as the captain shooting cannons at Mercer as he stands on the mighty footbridge.

BYH to the ECU women's soccer team as the only winning team on campus but almost zero notoriety. Hey Scottie, stop blaming your players. It all starts and stops with you. Come on man.

BYH, registered nurses throughout this country. You get beat up and arrested, by the police no less, for trying to do your job.

Now I see that colleges are once again on the speaker ban bandwagon. The speaker ban needs to reach into the classroom. Some of the tripe these college professors spout is enough to make you want to drop out. Of course the real world and BYH brings everything into perspective.

BYH Town of Ayden, you are trying to get funds for a food center when the town floods every time we have a heavy rain. We also may have to pay for a missing flow meter. We need help with the terrible flooding all over Ayden and we need it now, not years from now. The food center can wait until our flooding is fixed. Maybe we need new people on the town board.

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