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Sept. 13 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bless your heart to the pirate ship comment. That made my whole week thinking of Connelly shooting cannons at the footbridge. Thank you Bless Your Heart editors.

I've been told water goes down the drain in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere. Is everything like this? Do lids unscrew clockwise? Are 90 degree right angles 180 degree left angles? Anyone know? I'm traveling soon and this information would help.

As I was trimming my mailbox Saturday, the town truck for yard waste stopped by to pick up our trash. He then came over, took my wheelbarrow and emptied it as well. He then raked the area where the trash had been. We are so blessed on Westchester Drive to have such fine men — beyond the call of duty!

Bless your heart to the panhandlers who are on the street corners for month after month ... one I know for over a year. Why do people keep giving to these people? It's an operation.

Bless your heart to this 264 extension around Greenville. .... I will be glad when it is ready!

Bless our hearts, now that we know as fact the sheer number of paid Russian internet “trolls” that are out there, to be ubiquitous and sow discord using Facebook and every single major comments section available, things make more sense in retrospect. Of course they want to over-represent their “support” for the unsupportable, maybe to distract from the fact that our very vote is so manipulatable? It feels like we’ve been played.

BYH to all of the sidewalk and bike lane haters out there in Greenville. As a wheelchair-user family member, I think that it is great to see Greenville finally start to make our city a little bit more accessible by adding curb cuts. The ADA was passed as a civil rights law more than 27 years ago and now our city is starting to make real progress in supporting independent active movement around. I fully support bike lanes and sidewalks on all of our roads so that wheelchair users can move about too.

BYH ECU football. Be careful how you point to your “improvement” in the second half against West Virginia. Most spectators know they called off the dogs and elected not to risk their starters just to run up the score.

BYH to you honking at me at Charles and 14th. I am not making a left turn on a blinking yellow when it’s impossible to see the traffic coming in the opposite direction.

BYH, we’ve always had hurricanes, and we will always have hurricanes. By now you would think that sea-level cities like Miami would build their boulevards designed to channel flood waters right through, like with watertight prefab PVC panels that snap together in front of stores, letting the water flow right on by. We have the technology, just thinking outside the box here.

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