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Sept. 14 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, September 14, 2017

I remember Hurricane Hazel back in 1955. It was a real bad hurricane and did much damage. And that was even before global warming had been invented.

Thank you, Greenville City leaders for voting to add curb ramps to more of the few sidewalks we have in town. They help greatly when pushing my baby's stroller around town. Maybe some day Pitt County will start working on adding accessible sidewalks to its streets as well. They have neglected our needs for way too long and the obesity of our population shows it.

Bless your Heart to Pitt Community College for having Crystal Howard. Thank you for sitting down with me in July and helping me plan for my classes. You were very busy, but you took time out for me. You were patient with me and very caring. It's very visible that you take pride in and enjoy your job when it comes to students. Mostly I saw your commitment to me when I needed guidance. 

Bless the heart of the school administrator who placed a bus stop (bus 444) on 14th Street between Evans and Charles. About 7 a.m. Tuesday we observed the bus pulling in the turn lane and stopping for the student to cross two lanes of oncoming traffic and entering the opposite inside lane before boarding the bus. According to N.C. laws, oncoming traffic doesn't have to stop on a five-lane road with a turning lane. Hope no students are injured or killed.

Bless your heart to the Pitt County Detention Center for having a website. I enjoy checking it daily to make sure my bad poodle hasn't been arrested. However, your site has been out of order for days. Just saying.

Bless the heart of our volleyball coach who complains about the team's recent performance yet makes no personnel changes. It's the same players set after set after set.

Bless the hearts of the town leaders of Ayden and the commissioners for worrying about whether Ayden will dry up like Bethel with the bypass. Nobody’s been moving to Ayden because of the high light bills for years, and now that they’ve gone to a new system, they’re hundreds of dollars more than they were before. So I don’t think they need to worry about the bypass affecting Ayden and the growth because the light bills will keep people from coming.

Well, the bright spot for ECU football is that next year every away game they will be the homecoming game for the home team. Good luck, ECU. Be homecoming queens throughout your visitor season.

Thank you for putting a barrier on Arlington Boulevard in front of Bojangle’s to prevent through traffic on Smythewyck. Now if someone would just put one up on the right turn lane into at University Commons off Greenville Boulevard. People use that as an acceleration lane all the time and pull in front of you to get into the left straight lane. It needs to be considered.

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