Bless your heart to the speed demons in the black car that flew past me on Hines Drive Ext today in Ayden.I was going...

Sept. 19 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Thanks so much to the lady at Stein Mart who helped me put my bags in my car as it was raining and windy. Your thoughtfulness was so appreciated. Thanks again.

Secure the border by building military bases along the border. Train in the desert to prepare for desert wars and secure the border at the same time.

Just wondering, of the 30,000 ECU students who are driving — at least 29,000 of them any time of day — what percentage of their money goes to Greenville to help repave roads? Bless their hearts.

One must wonder if the ECU name change was needed after too many of today's high school graduates (think applicants) had trouble spelling East Carolina University.

Bless the heart of the GOP as their leaders continue to doubt global warming. How many storms of the century have to strike this year to get them to believe?

BYH, television. I watch a comedy and it's all politics, I watch football and it's all politics, I watch a horror show and it's all politics. Why are they doing this to us? I guess from now on it's Netflix and Hulu.

Chancellor Staton should stay out national politics. This will only divide us. We have enough issues!

Hey, Pitt County Schools. Tell me please what the "school fee of $10” covers? Then you have the parents who have bought absoutely no supplies for their children and to the ones that have, you keep asking. Then the school shirts for sale. Just tell me where the educational lottery is taking place. Seems to me somebody else’s pockets and belly is getting full. Everytime I look in mine, I see a pure hole.

BYH Pitt Community College for refusing to make your campus easier to get to via walking or biking. I thought about taking classes there, but saw how dangerous you have made it to get to and from “campus" to even cross the street to buy lunch. No wonder so many people here have economic and health problems when you make them sit and use cars all the time.

Trump needs to be quiet instead of confirming his ignorance on all subjects unless he wants to advise us on bankruptcy. His comments to Europe on the attempted bombing just show his lack of knowledge of what’s going on.

It is so nice that people enjoy "cutting" through Brook Valley and, yes, we do need bicycle lanes and space for joggers. Note: many of the joggers and bicyclists do not actually live in Brook Valley. That's OK. However, Brook Valley is "blessed" with very narrow streets unlike our counterparts in other neighborhoods. No curb and guttering even though we pay city and county taxes.

The City Council should build a city-owned brewery on the Town Common with the motto, "If our beer will not make you tipsy, our politics will."

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