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Sept. 20 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

BYH for proposing the ridiculously expensive memorial “Wall” on the Town Commons. It won’t even keep the terrorists out! I will support a five-figure monument and then spend the other 1.9 million on infrastructure and public safety … you know, stuff normal cities properly manage.

BYH Greenville with your car congestion, crime, pollution, poor roads, and uncontrolled sprawl. I had the opportunity to spend some time in Farmville. It is small, but the quality of life is huge. What a neat dynamic, growing downtown area. Great to run, walk, bike, raise a family and so easy to get to the medical center. Greenville could learn a lot from this small town!

Yes, BYH to all police, but they are supposed to enforce the laws, not be an individual on-sight judge and jury. This can lead to bias in judgement, lack of consistency and should be left up to due process in a courtroom, not street judgements based on personal judgements but the law!

No bless your heart FDA to allow opiate/heroin overdoses in the United States. May God bless all your hearts and all doctors prescribing, and laws and lawmakers not punishing dealers.

So, I ask, what is the value of being a US citizen? Open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, and now Bernie wants free health care for everyone in the world, all paid for by U.S. taxpayers. I just don't understand, bless my heart.

There are valid reasons for two thirds of Americans being overweight and one third being obese. They love to eat delicious food and plenty of it. Unfortunately, the better something tastes, the more likely it is that it is nutritionally dense. If you put something in your mouth that tastes good, spit it out immediately!

Bless our ECU hearts. Old Ruff is getting the last laugh!

If I'm wrong, I'm all ears. However, I find it right disrespectful to come to someone’s house as soon as they get home or pull in the driveway. There are people who work for a living, have children to feed, homework, and getting ready for the next day. Guess I have to buy a drone to fly over my house before going home.

Bless the heart of Greenville Animal Protective Services Director Tim Langley. His name has been run through the mud. Tim has been protecting animals for at least 30 years. Tim’s work ethics are beyond reproach. I smell a secret agenda in an attempt to ruin his good name. Anyone that truly knows Tim, knows this is pure nonsense! He is a man of high integrity, and has proven it time and time again.

BYH PGV. Another attempt to fly out of Greenville, another cancelled flight. Now a drive to Raleigh in the morning to catch an alternate flight, arriving half a day late. Time to wave the white flag and give up on PGV.

BYH, don't blame me for the state of the world today, I'm a millennial. I think that means I'm a thousand years old.

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