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Sept. 21 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, September 21, 2017

BYH to the person who started acronyms. I think acronyms create lots of confusion to people who don’t know the names of all the companies, universities, organizations, etc. in the world. "East Carolina University" at least lets people know that the university is in one of the two Carolinas which narrows things quite a bit. Of course, we may want to be more anonymous these days and let people just wonder what “ECU” is and where it is.

BYH to the all-powerful Greenville City Council. Explain to me how a city council that does not open their meetings with prayer can approve funds to commemorate a church on public property to the tune of $2 million without any vote from its citizens, only the wishes of a few. Surely there are higher priorities for all taxpayers in Greenville.

I have been in therapy for years but my therapist makes a lot less sense than the Bless Your Heart column. The BYH column makes me realize that many of your readers have the same problems and thoughts as I. Which makes us a pretty rum lot, but we do what we can.

BYH ECU football. In the first few years of Coach Ruff's tenure we were blessed to have Lincoln Riley, Shane Carden and Justin Hardy. After those three left our fortunes quickly went downhill. Putting Coach Mo behind the eight ball with a cupboard left bare by Ruffin McNeill is unfortunate and unfair for him. Both men are great people, just maybe not cut out to be head coaches. ECU must decide to spend the money to hire a proven head coach and assistants if they are truly intent on succeeding on the football field, and stop worrying about making our stadium pretty.

Thank you to all of the thousands of ECU students who shop here for food, clothing etc. The sales taxes you pay for local items helps us pay for things like schools, police and fire departments and even local roads. At least one BYH reader needs to understand the tax codes that everyone pays for public services. Plus the vast majority of roads here are built and maintained by NCDOT, not the city. Just look at the millions of dollars currently being spent on new local highway projects. That is where the money is going!

BYH, the North Korean people are not our enemy. To threaten to obliterate that country, and kill tens, maybe hundreds of thousands and possibly millions (on both sides) because of one madman dictator is like killing everyone in a room with a snake, instead of just cutting off the snake’s head.

BYH to all the drivers, runners, and bikers that use the Brook Valley cut through. I got an excellent idea to pay for the bike and runner’s lane. We’ll set up a toll booth at all the entries into BV and have the non-residents pay this fee. There you go, problem solved.

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