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Sept. 22 Bless Your Heart


Friday, September 22, 2017

BYH to the ones who go around to gas stations and take the coupons and sales ads out of the Sunday paper. Did you ever stop to think I want my entire paper? All you do is resell these items and you sure don't sell them for what you pay for them. I use my items at home for myself and my family. I wish all locations would put the paper behind the counter and you would have to ask for it; therefore, you could not steal out of the other ones. Quit being greedy!

BYH GPD that you did not know there was a gathering of 100 people at Fourth and Summit streets at 2 a.m. I maybe understand 10, but 100! Only a few blocks from downtown and a party gathering of 100. So much for patrols. And to think, Greenville's Halloween escapades are in just weeks.

BYH PCS, smartphones for students, so they can learn text language and still not be proficient in basic reading, writing and math. I challenge you to have DR editors have 10 diversified senior students from every school write a sentence with proper grammar and punctuation. Are you embarrassed? Should be!

When two bullies meet on the street neither one has the moral courage to back off. Sadly they encourage their friends to join in and the result is gang warfare. So what's the difference between that and Trump versus Kim Jong Un? The difference is Colt 45s and shivs versus nuclear weapons. God help us all.

Bless President Trump. He showed more strength for the United States in one speech at the United Nations than President Obama did in eight years.

BYH to whoever designed the turning lane on Arlington, near Fire Tower by the ABC store. Those yellow and white poles sticking out of the road are embarrassing, and I cannot remember one town I have ever been in where those are in place. My guess is the planner spent too much time at the ABC store before dreaming of this idea, not to mention how they painted the ridiculous turn arrows in the turning lane. The traffic jams now are much worse.

BYH NCDOT for not being able to count when installing pedestrian crosswalks and lights on just three corners of many of the intersections of Greenville Boulevard. How are we supposed to safely and legally cross the road with your job only partially done? Come on back and finish the work so we can get to other shops and restaurants.

Bless our hearts, Republican capitalism is actually socialism for corporations.

Bless your hearts, people need to put aside their cellphones and pay attention! This is really getting out of hand. No wonder we're so easily ready to be taken over.

BYH and Happy New Year to my Jewish friends. It is 5778 on the Hebrew calendar. I'm still writing 5777 on my checks.

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