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Sept. 24 Community News


Sunday, September 24, 2017

BYH to the Greenville Utilities Crews coming home on Thursday. I was working, but sure wish I could have been there to welcome you all back safely to Greenville and your families. Job well done!

Just how many used pallets leaning up against the back of the lottery office does it take before someone realizes and sees what a fire hazard that is, not to mention a comfy habitat for all sorts of unwanted pests and rodents. Other businesses in that complex are now following the state's example.

BYH to the people in support of a monument to a church as people are hungry, homeless and in need of transportation. I think Jesus would be very disappointed in your idol worship to a building.

It was great to read the article on the conventions coming to the convention center and the impacts to the Uptown area as well. If we really want to engage the conferees, we will build the footbridge.

Bless your heart to the geniuses who founded our great country and to the idiots we have elected to run it. This is true for all levels of government.

Bless your hearts to all the ECU fans that have no clue what "No Quarter" actually means.

BYH, those of you who earn less than the average salary. For some reason the Republicans just don't want you to have health care. Either that, or they just don't care. They got theirs.

Bless your heart to the Newport police officer who decided to watch the Pirates play Saturday standing up the entire game in front of loyal long-time paying Pirate fans in Section 9! How are we supposed to love up these student athletes if we can't even see them play!

Greenville Council should visit Wilson county to find out how to run a successful public golf course and save tax payers the cost of a management company. Wedgewood Golf Course is one of the best maintained public courses in the east and has much lower rates than Bradford Creek. Just sayin’.

I was getting my car fixed at the Honda dealer and was hungry for some lunch when I saw Cracker Barrel across the road. There was no sidewalk, crosswalk or pedestrian walkway to get to there or to Red Robin, so I ate a snack from the vending machine along with dozens of other people. For lack of a way to cross the road safely, you lose a ton of business every day, BYH.

BYH your heart to the driver of a white SUV on Vernon White Road Monday morning who drove fast through the stop sign at Mill Street and then ran the red light trying to drive onto Davenport Farm Road. Where is a cop when you need one?

The venerable and great comedian Mel Brooks says that "Society's stupidly politically correct sensibilities will lead to the death of comedy." It seems that today rather than laugh we are looking to be offended. Let's lighten up a little. Take the Brook Valley shortcut and look at leaves changing color.

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