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Oct. 10 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kudos to St.Paul's Episcopal Church's wonderful blessing of the animals. Our pets provide so much love, joy and comfort and the church did a great job recognizing this special bond. The pet food donation and food truck finish was a nice way to round out the event!

BYH, when the Second Amendment was written, long before the “well regulated Militia” was reinterpreted out of it by a right-wing Supreme Court, the musket was the high tech firearm. So that is what we should have a right (as written) to own. Muskets. It would certainly make hunting more sporting.

Any restriction placed on law-abiding citizens in regards to firearms ownership by the federal government is illegal and contrary to federal law. It shall not be infringed, period! Politicians’ abdication of duty and willingness to break their sworn oaths are sad and dangerous to liberty.

Don't have to worry about a few of us buying any L'Oreal fashions with the likes of Jane Fonda runway-walking an outfit and then giving the peace sign. Yuk! She has had a lot of constructive surgery done over her 79 years.

BYH to the 70-something man from Minnesota who forgot to remove his laptop from its bag at the airport. We just had a 64-year-old retired accountant go ballistic in Las Vegas!

BYH to the Greenville police for not hiding behind the trees on Memorial Drive across the Tar River and giving tickets on Sunday mornings. If only you would stop riding through the neighborhoods in front of the college where so many college students stay giving tickets to the students for parking too far from the curb, etc. Should they get out and measure the distance from the car to the curb? Fight crime and we all will be happy.

BYH to Wiggins on ECU’s football team for laying out on the field after he missed the catch. Doesn't look good. Delays the game. Figure out in your mind how you can get it done next time. Get back up and try again! We understand there are a lot of variables and it is not just you. We all know this is a team sport. This team is not going anywhere unless they play as a team. Set the example.

Bless the Heart of city leaders who want to develop the Town Common. Based on the overflowing and unsanitary trash receptacles all over the park Sunday, maybe they need to focus on the basics of park maintenance before they try to expand and create even more problems.

Bless the hearts of ECU's newest military professors — hoping the other professors at ECU join them in advocating and welcoming military students — as opposed to most professors on campus who are hostile to students in the military.

Wow, Farmville! Great work with becoming more bicycle friendly. Well done. I'll be back in town to ride more and shop, eat, drink, etc. Thanks for the support and attention to make your roads safer!

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