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Oct. 12 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Bless your heart to Michele Whaley for being a wonderful, hardworking director of the Pitt County Animal Shelter and mentor to many. Much love!

BYH to the ECU football players. As student-athletes you look forward to the support of your fans. Not an empty stadium. As student-athletes you have no control over the hiring of coaches. To the ECU fans: Stand up for your student-athletes, demand a good coaching staff and fill the stadium no matter what. Support your student-athletes.

Bless the heart of the reader wanting the church to send their vicar to bless the neighbor's barking dog. Our Redeemer Lutheran doesn't have a vicar. But perhaps, since this is North Carolina, the barking dog could have a good old Southern Baptist "Come to Jesus" meeting?

BYH to the person complaining about Lidl not having a wheel chair available. Here is a crazy thought. If you know someone has special needs be responsible and bring a chair with you. So tired of people expecting everyone else to look after them.

BYH Coach Mo. The Oakland Raiders’ Al Davis once said "some teams run so they can pass, we pass so we can run." Your offense needs to fit the players you have. Your juniors and seniors were recruited to fit a passing offense. A lot of NFL teams cannot run this year. Some say it is because high school and college teams are focused on passing and it takes time to teach them the running game. Something to ponder.

A BYH to County Commissioner Coulson, I'm also white and will not be made to feel guilty for being so. Your comments in last month’s meeting were spot on. It's a shame how some people keep their own race oppressed disguised as racism from another race. The past is the past, move forward people.

Bless my heart, I cannot take another attack ad for this mayor race. We had enough negativity in 2016 with the presidential race, let's just try to be cordial to one another for a change.

With all this P.J. vs. Calvin brouhaha, it “almost” makes me sad that I live in Winterville and don't get to join in on all the fun! Best of luck Greenville, and may the best candidate win!

Bless your heart to all supporters of city council. You should each be required to watch the Andy Griffith episode where Aunt Bea runs for mayor of Mayberry against Howard Sprague. We have a council staffed by Aunt Beas.

I find it hard to believe that some Americans would not want to stand for our National Anthem. I can see our enemies not wanting to honor our nation but our own citizens? Find another way to protest. One good way to register your dissent is to vote. Or is that too much trouble?

BYH, Why does the state waste money on stop signs and no texting signs? People don't pay them any mind.

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