To the person suggesting the postal service remove the word rain from their creed, they might as well just get a new...

Oct. 13 Bless Your Heart


Friday, October 13, 2017

What would Jesus do? I agree with The Daily Reflector. Jesus would speak to the multitudes, feed them and baptize them in the Tar River. If He were willing to turn water into wine, I would definitely make it a point to be there.

I had to laugh at the antics of the individual’s Yankee neighbor. My neighbor on one side brings me a variety of vegetables out of his garden. The fellow across the street will offer me a cold beer on a hot day. I don’t think I am inclined to trade houses with the person writing to BYH.

If gun control can work, what happened in Chicago? Why do they have so many murders? They have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country.

Greenville is always in need of money and a good new tax on beards would help out. Base the tax on the fullness of the beard with rates going up the thinner and scragglier the beard. Some of these beards are so thin they are disgusting. Looks like the aftermath of a brush fire. If you don’t have the growth for a beard, then you will face a heavy tax. I probably ought to run for mayor.

Soon the deer will be jumping in front of your car and the deer hunters will be right behind them, parked in their big trucks eating a gravy biscuit and drinking a big ol’ sweet tea. The most damage these guys do is to drip gravy all over their camo gear which makes the little lady mad. What would Davy Crockett say? Probably would say, "They need to stick to Xbox."

BYH to ECU football fans on the message boards. With everything going on in the USA and the world, your biggest worry is firing everyone for a football team record. Sad. And yes, I am an ECU fan.

Bless your heart red light camera flash. My epileptic son and I were enjoying watching the traffic while we waited our turn to pass through the Fire Tower-County Home Road intersection. The camera flashed twice at an alarming brightness. Is there a way to turn the flash bulb down?

Bless Your Heart to the Vidant ED and Observation Floor 2 for the incredible care you took of my mother this past week. Kind, helpful, and proactive describes the treatment she received. In addition, a special thank you to a very special ID physician (R.G.) who figured it all out. Kudos to all!

The city needs to get away somehow from owning the golf course. Golf is a game for the elite and poor people who try to play only end up getting hurt. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and leave golf to the upper class. Give the course to ECU and be done with it. They can afford to run it and keep it green.

I see where the Boy Scouts will start admitting girls. That is a way to get more boys interested in going on a camping trip. I shared a pup tent with an ol’ gal from New York one night up on a cold mountaintop. I don’t think she was a Girl Scout but she could warm your heart.

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