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Oct. 17 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bless my heart, a 2 percent raise in social security! Maybe I can finally take that cruise to the Virgin Islands. Oh wait, are they still there?

BYH, alt-right. Your fourth Reich will do no better than the third. I cannot believe that when I was taking civics in the 60s I would come to believe that the British system of “vote of no confidence” might be better than waiting out a four-year nightmare. So universal health care is dead; all you folks on Medicare hold your breath, or maybe not. It may be quicker.

The NFL protests have brought football into the limelight. It is time to ban all contact sports both professional and amateur. Football is dangerous and too many are killed and injured each season. Replace all contact sports with track and field and other non-contact and less dangerous sports. The old football injury is not a badge of honor!

BYH to the new red light cameras! The Pitt County Schools may get over $1 million dollars in non-tax money. Best of all is that it will be paid for by the lawbreakers who endanger our lives daily by running red lights. We need more programs like this!

BYH to the non-patriotic people who complained about our tax dollars paying for Vice President Pence to protest the kneeling group of rich spoiled kids by walking out of their game. I say that my tax dollars were well spent.

I keep praying I'm going to get along better with my in-laws but I just can't do it. I told my wife I was married to her, not them. If I cut the grass, it's still too long. Pressure wash the house, it's still dirty. Grocery shop at Wal-Mart, we’re supposed to go to Fresh Market. I work every day and provide for my family without your help. Dig your own hole and fall in it.

Bless your heart, Elmhurst Elementary School. Good things are happening here. A great school, gym to open soon and great teachers! The principal has always been great and the assistant principal really seems to care. So glad we opted for open enrollment!

BYH to the conservative idiocracy whose Biblically-impaired ring leader will now allow employers to excise out contraception from their employees’ health care coverage, which will, ironically, increase the number of abortions. Eliminating Viagra from insurance coverage would solve that dilemma.

BYH to people looking for all the accomplishments Trump has made already and cannot see the improvement. You are looking in all the wrong places. Or maybe you just need to take off your sunglasses! Get with the program.

Is there any way we could have more businesses across the river? All there is, is a Food Lion, Burger King, Peaden’s Grill, and two gas stations. I'd love to see the Wal-Mart they were "supposed" to be building behind Sheetz. A Taco Bell and Chick-fil-A would be awesome.

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