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Oct. 19 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, October 19, 2017

No BYH to no Halloween. That’s part of being a kid. What happened to children doing children’s stuff like trick or treating? Have a heart, people!

Bless my heart. As a veteran, I'm more offended by a president who would tell the grieving widow of a fallen soldier that "he knew what he signed up for," than any professional athlete taking a knee. This coming from someone who used every advantage to avoid military service, yet wraps himself in the flag for political convenience? America got exactly what it deserves. This is not what I fought for.

BYH to Jeff Compher and Cecil Staton — you fired Coach Ruffin McNeill. You wanted to move in a different direction; well, you sure have. The year before, you let Coach Riley get away. Where are they now? Coach Riley is the head coach of the University of Oklahoma and Coach McNeill is their defensive tackle coach and assistant head coach. And guess what? University of Oklahoma is a Top 10 school. We sure could use them now!

BYH Coach Mo and Pirates! Pirate fans are fickle and impatient. Always have been. Ready to dump you before giving you time to adjust. You came highly regarded and I looked forward to new times in Pirate Land. Pirates, give Coach Mo time. He inherited a program that was going downhill and given the cyclical nature of things, he will succeed. Go Pirates! I will be there ’til the end of every game!

BYH to the Greenville Public Works and/or GUC folks who tore up the street on Elm between 1715 and 1717. Can we get you to repave and truly repair the area you tore up? Terrible customer service given we approved a bond for repaving and now to have it torn up shortly after, and been months since this was done.

Bless our hearts, I won't consider our country a democracy as long as we have undemocratic gerrymandering. Voters should choose their representatives not the other way around. And, yes, I know we are technically a democratic republic.

BYH to stance on the footbridge. On the weekends we drive all over NC to ride on the bike trails. But they need to be at least 10 miles long.The foot bridge gives us that sweet-spot.With that said we add $80.00 each to the local economy.

BYH to the new word added to the dictionary. Alt-right, Well, if the millennials knew how to look up the words in the dictionary they would find "Alt" under "alternative". But I forgot the millennials can not put two and two together. Because they can not even count change! God help us all!

BYH to the bike-lane advocates. Sometimes there is just not room for a marked lane. Recently I noticed in Raleigh that there are markings on the pavement and signage that bikers may use the entire lane. Wonder how Greenville drivers would react to that.

BYH, your ev­ery thought is your in­ter­nal con­ver­sa­tion with God. Think about that.

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