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Oct. 21 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Coach Montgomery and other ECU football staff members, players, and Jeff Compher, good luck the remainder of the season. Honestly, to me, you are winners just for enduring all the unnecessary abusive comments by so many. I have my opinion of who the losers, are and it is not you!

This country desperately needs term limits for members of Congress. The elected politicians are serving special interest groups that help them stay in office. Wouldn't it be nice if they just put the American people first?

BYH to Vidant. You're so generous to offer your employees football tickets at half price, probably because they're not selling anyway and you are so proud of being a sponsor of ECU football and all those very expensive commercials. How about giving back your employees paid holidays that you stole?

Shame on you, Greenville. Let's make it hard for folks to vote early. One site, far from the interior city and a teensy room that only holds six people at a time. Come on, you can do better than that! No excuses for this one.

This BYH goes out to everyone who is campaigning for an elected office position. You and yours are quick to put up “Vote for me” signs. Please be as quick to take them down when the voting is done. Thank you for helping to keep Greenville and the surrounding area clean.

BYH to the congresswoman for politicizing the death of an honorable serviceman. She is the same person who didn’t attend President Trump’s inauguration and has called for his impeachment. President Trump loves and respects our military men and women, unlike the prior president. Oh, by the way, I’m also a veteran. Make America great again!

Well, a sympathetic BYH to all The Young and the Restless viewers who have waited years for Ashley's secret to come out, and just when it was about to happen, Donald Trump appears on the TV for yet another rambling, mid-day news conference. Is there no end to his ability to offend yet another group?

BYH City of Greenville, DOT, and/or to whom it may concern. The newly surfaced Greenville Boulevard is great (if you drive). But how about some crosswalks for us poor folks who have to cross this racetrack on foot?

BYH to the ECU football team. Can’t win, but they sure have money to run lights in the middle of the day. I don’t understand why lights are run on a football game that’s played at 12 o’clock in the middle of the day. I’d like to have an explanation.

I thank God we do have honest people. I left some items I purchased at the Rose’s store on Memorial Drive. I thought I had left them in my car and someone had gotten them. Six days later it was laid on my heart to call the store. The lady at the store said, “Let me go and look.” Then she said, “They’re here.”  Bless you and have a good one!

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