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Nov. 10 Bless Your Heart


Friday, November 10, 2017

BYH to all the veterans who ever served our country, as well as my Dad in heaven, who started his 30 years of service in World War II and ended it serving in Vietnam. Those are the real heroes.

Who are the media polling that show Trump doing so badly? Everyone I know supports his policies and thinks the Congress is the problem. He ran on changing health care, lowering taxes and enforcing immigration laws. All of these would have been accomplished if not for the Republican Congress.

Bless my heart, I have really come to loathe modern day Republicanism and cannot believe the American people have let this president get away with lying about releasing his tax returns, so we could see how self aggrandizing his tax policies are. After he was elected, he said there is no reason to release them anymore. It leads me to believe that his tax returns from years gone by would actually be incriminating.

BYH Greenville, you are under siege by teenagers with guns and a politically correct law that won’t do anything about it!

Bless my heart. I miss buckwheat cakes. Sure would like a place in Greenville to serve them.

BYH, stop fighting over who created the world and unite in the fight against those who are destroying it.

To those brave souls who drive on Greenville streets at night where you can barely see the divided lanes and when it rains they disappear in the glare of oncoming lights. Instead of a bridge on the Tar, how about a little paint to brighten up our drive? Please make our streets safe! Bless your heart.

God Bless the heart of the BYH writer who asked "Who ever went to work for a poor man?” Jesus Christ did and he encourages us to do the same in Matthew 25:40: "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

BYH, Elections Board. I arrived at my voting precinct this morning prepared to vote for mayor, councilman at large, and councilman for District 4. I have been in District 4 since moving to Greenville 19 years ago. Today I discovered I had been switched to District 5 with no warning. I had to vote by guessing. That is not right. The next time you switch my district, I would appreciate written notification by U.S. mail.

Some corporation has been making calls to me, recommending that I support the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. I will never support it because I know what fracked gas, when it leaks, does to the environment. It destroys farmland. It destroys water and makes it undrinkable. Do we want that for our children and grandchildren?

Thank you to the wonderful person who found my husband's wallet in the parking lot of Walgreens on Wednesday night and turned it in to the staff inside. There are still angels out there and we were truly blessed by one!

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