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Nov. 12 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, November 12, 2017

BYH GOP: the mental gymnastics to justify electing Judge Roy Moore to anything, including chief dog catcher, are astounding. Oy vey!

Just got caught up looking at the DR online jail booking photos and I think my wife could be charged with most offenses. Except that “show cause” charge. She never shows cause for nothing. She just does it!

Bless your heart to the politicians in Greenville. Just how in the world did people get around town without spending $8.4 million for a bus stop.

BYH Greenville, after you beat up on a woman, citizens will run you down, punch you down, then hold you down for the police. Both the perp and the citizens will walk away free. Is this a great city or what?

BYH drivers in Greenville: take note that your destination does not supersede the human being driving their own car in front or from behind you. Two lane roads are not four-lane highways. N.C. 43 is not U.S. 264 and 14th Street is not a tailgater parade.

To the person who wanted to know what a hero was in a recent bless your heart. A hero is someone who is willing to risk his or her own life to save the life of someone else. This is, and has always been, the true definition of a hero.

BYH to what this administration has shown itself to stand for: self serving tax cuts, fracking, selling off national park land, Russian collaboration, dismantling democracy, propaganda, alienating friends, coddling dictators, nationalism, and simplistic slogans. America will be great again once this guy is gone.

Donald Trump has the Democrats, the so called mainstream Republicans, almost the entire movie industry and also the media working against him. They don't want him to succeed and they are willing to sacrifice Americans in their efforts to make him fail.

No bless your heart to the ungrateful person who cried about her dog barking when the paper person delivers her paper in the morning.If you want the paper later go get it from a store.I for one appreciate my paper being out there when I wake up. Maybe you should take lessons in kindness. Someone puts the paper in your box and you going to complain. Grow up.

The discussions of a full time fire department in Winterville have finally been decided. Johnny Moye of Winterville has been promoting this change. Since he was the top vote, his support should be a no brainer. Hopefully the entire town council will vote to move forward for the 2018-19 budget. We are far too large of a Town to only have volunteers. The Town with the lowest taxes in Pitt County can afford the tax increase without a problem. The voters in Winterville have spoken.

BYH, when it's raining, look for a rainbow; when it's dark, look for the stars.

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