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Nov. 14 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

BYH to Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. This is turning into a convenience for parents. And I can understand. Not enough dads to step up to be scout masters.So here is mom to the rescue. We thank all of you for what you do — dads and moms. You all do a great job carrying on the tradition and stepping up to the plate. But Girl Scouts are Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are Boy Scouts. Let’s get real here!

Bless our hearts, Trump sure can criticize our intelligence agencies, but it's “funny” that he can never muster any criticism of Putin. What hold does Putin hold over him?

A reverse BYH to Monday’s BYH writer praising the Russians for their interference in our elections, if that helped in us not electing Hillary, a truly hypocritical statement the writer would not have made if the shoe was on the other foot. I rest my case. This exemplifies what is known as “the enemy from within,” who puts tribalism over country.

No BYH to the DR carrier for my delivered newspaper that was wet and very difficult to read. I have previously received papers with a wet corner but when a third of the paper is wet and it seeps through all sections this is yucky. I appreciate the efforts of all in getting the paper to me, but please take a little extra care in seeing that the delivery is "dry."

Bless your heart and congratulations to the ECU Board and administration for yet again raising tuition and fees to cover up for their mistakes. Way to stick it to the students that have no recourse if they want to attend.

BYH for my five extra minutes commute time caused by the stoplight at north-bound Arlington at Greenville Boulevard every morning at 6:45 a.m. Maybe more cameras will capture some of the frustration of sitting behind 200 northbound Arlington cars, while one car per minute comes east/west through the intersection on Greenville Boulevard. If the traffic department can't fix this light, please install some roadside picnic tables so we can leave our vehicles and have a nice, five-minute sit-down breakfast.

For all of you that think health care should be free, that there should be no borders and that the government should supply college for all, who do you think should pay for it? Nothing is really free.

Blessed be the hearts, but not the lungs, of all those drivers who smoke and use their cracked windows as ash trays and then litter their butts into the roadways. Those ashes blow into others' cars and the butts end up in everyone's water supply. Thanks to these littering drivers, we are all drinking from someone's ashtray.

BYH and congratulations to Freeboot Friday, whose last concert of the year was Friday with Built For Comfort, who plays regularly at AJ McMurphy's. Thank you for the wide variety of bands and I hope next year's bands are even better. Support live music!

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