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Nov. 24 Bless Your Heart


Friday, November 24, 2017

Bless your heart to the writer complaining about the traffic light at the entrance to Brook Valley. This light was installed years ago and operates all hours so that the traffic using the shortcut can get out of the neighborhood. If if was not for short-cutters and rubber neckers, there would be no need for this light.

BYH City of Greenville and GPD, the officer who blatantly stole is a product of favoring your diversity quota over qualifications. What an embarrassment.

BYH to the family that has always supported Walter B. Jones Jr. but won't this time. The challenger is a lobbyist, and lobbyists are the core problem in D.C. Send his opponent to Congress and you don't help Trump, you added to Mitch McConnell and the establishment. I don't always agree with Jones but I won't be guilty of adding a new member to the swamp.

The DR online poll asked us about the Swedish study which indicated that owning a dog lowered the rates of heart disease and death. What did the study say about the dog barking at night and ruining the neighbors' sleep? So you live longer at my expense? We need to separate the nation into a dog owning country and the Free State of Peace & Tranquility.

To the person asking why the city can't install a warning light to signal that a stoplight is about to change. They already do. It's called a yellow light.

BYH to those who think the timing of these Moore charges of sexual impropriety is suspicious. This started with Bill Cosby and gained steam with Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, et al. Singularly, a woman knows her life could be ruined if she spoke out, but there are safety in numbers and we are watching the dam break.

As people are setting up Nativity displays, their lack of knowledge and reading of the Bible is displayed for all to see. According to the Bible, wise men (it never says three), never visited the baby at birth. They presented three gifts about a year later. Displays showing the wise men at the birth are more about commercialism than Christianity, bless their hearts.

BYH to those still celebrating Saturnalia despite its theft by the Christians.

BYH Recreation and Parks "leadership." Sign of things to come at Bradford Creek. No longer offering student or senior passes even though it's on the website they control. The new company is about to reduce another local course to nine holes. City's intent all along was to run Bradford Creek into the ground to make the site available for the super park.

BYH to the people that insist on smoking cigarettes near small children. We get it. You have zero concern for your own health. At least please have some consideration of others, especially children.

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