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Nov. 21 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, November 25, 2017

BYH to retirement. My suggestion to young people is to plan for retirement early. I hear so many people complain after retiring that they have no money. Most of the time it's a fault of their own, but not always.

BYH: One Sunday at Panera while waiting for my parents I noticed a woman in a large Yukon parked in the striped space between the handicapped spots and a young woman pull into a handicapped spot, get out and go inside. Please remember theses spaces are for individuals who need them not for running into restaurants to pick up your take out order. Both women were in the spaces for 15-20 minutes. Let's be considerate of others in need.

BYH to the town of Winterville for using the proposed county greenway plan to support more development. The county has not touched that plan in decades and has no plans to do so. While it would be great to dust it off and build such a greenway, using the idea to build more homes just adds to our flooding and traffic congestion problems.

Bless my heart, I have a wonderful solution to lower income taxes for corporations. Give large pay increases to employees and you will pay less tax. Simple huh?

Bless our heart, since the Diebold fiasco 17 years ago, for this country to still utilize electronic voting machines just seems contrived, seeing as how easy it is to tamper with them. We need an easily checkable uniform paper ballot standard in this country. Something smells fishy.

BYH, evil on Earth is personified in the killing of beautiful huge animals like elephants for sport or for their tusks.

BYH, downtown Greenville. You can slap up student-oriented housing apartments seemingly overnight but how long can it possibly take to fix up that long-awaited theatre? Gitter done, already!

BYH to the BYH complaining that the DR leans left and runs a column by “left winger” E.J. Dionne. Then I turned to the editorial page and there was Dionne's column right under an article by right winger Ed Rogers praising Pence. Some people are never satisfied, and I'm convinced that the more people The Daily Reflector makes mad, the better the job they must be doing.

BYH to the disappearing traffic cops. Instead of always trying to engineer away from poor driving maybe we could enforce the traffic laws again? How about seeing some cops write tickets for speeding, riding bumpers, littering butts, running lights or signs, passing school buses, changing lanes without signaling, or driving aggressively?

Bless Your Heart to our new locally elected officials. Let's see you do some good! How about start the new year with a city ordinance that says all restaurants that offer a kids' menu must have a changing table in the men's and the women's restrooms.

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