Nov. 28 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bless your heart to those that feel that being a bully is only for school. When you have a boss that belittles you, threatens you or tells you they can fire you for no good reason, he can make every employee scared and intermediated every single day. This is the highest form of being bullied.

BYH PJ for supporting the pedestrian bridge. We ride our bike to River Park North from River Walk. Greene Street and Mumford are very dangerous. More than once we have had bottles and rocks thrown at us while riding.

BYH to all the fans that are thrilled that UNC Chapel Hill was able to cheat then lie about the fake classes with no consequences. Their best defense — all the other colleges do it — tells you how good the Koolaid must be to them. It reminds me of that joke: The NCAA was so upset at UNC that they put Campbell on two years probation.

BYH. This is America! We choose neighborhoods not villages to grow up in! Get to know your neighbors.

BYH Kellyanne Conway (paraphrasing here): It is better to vote for a pedophile than a Democrat. We need the votes to pass our (heinous) tax bill. Disgusting on so many levels.

BYH to the ones who do not like radio stations playing Christmas music during the holidays. Sure hope you don't have any children. What a scrooge you are. This is not Christ-like.

BYH, as long as the GOP engages in gerrymandering, voter suppression, and tactics like ignoring an open Supreme Court seat for a year, we have nothing near a democracy. They've turned us into a banana republic.

BYH, every heartbeat is a miracle. When you live thusly and believe that, it gives your life so much depth and meaning.

BYH Jeff Compher. You fired Ruffin McNeill for not being competitive. The most games that a team coached by Ruffin McNeill lost is a single year was seven. Your new coach has lost nine games two years in a row. The 2017 team gave up more than 50 points in 6 games and more than 60 points in 4 games. Looks like ECU football is now really competitive. You are the one who should be fired.

I am deeply concerned about Nathan the Sports Editor spending all this time fishing with the big boys. It is just not right for working guys to have to see him smiling while holding up fish he caught. Lock him back in his office and get him to figure out where our football team went.

BTH for the beautiful Nativity on Nichols Drive, Greenville. Worth the drive.

BYH to the driver of the silver pickup who blows past all the morning traffic coming out of Winterville at the intersection of Old Tar and Fire Tower roads by using the turn lane as their personal passing lane. Sometimes from as far back as the Shriner’s building. I guess it’s easy to get away with when there’s never any police watching that area.

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