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Nov. 29 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bless Your Heart to the ER staff at Vidant on a recent Saturday morning. Front desk greeters smiling and helpful. Ushered into a room and "someone will be in shortly." Yes, the RN came in and asked about why I was there. Then the RN for the room followed. Soon a doctor came and more questions with answers. Family was greeted by staff as they arrived. My experience was A-plus with a gold star. Many thanks to all who took care of me.

BYH to the person choosing the editorial cartoons for Nov. 19. You managed to find three cartoons mocking Judge Moore, so I suppose next week you will run three cartoons mocking Sen. Al Franken or are we not talking about that? Fair is fair.

Franken cartoons ran Nov. 20 and Nov. 26. Wonder who’s next.

BYH to the GOP kleptocracy who have, again, played their working class supporters for fools. The tax overhaul bill is an icon for our failed democracy, corrupted by the demands of the super wealthy, lowering the alcohol tax, apparently important for us ignorant peasants, while gutting education and health care.

Bless your heart to those behind the Greenville Jobs Now Super PAC. The Nov. 19 paper stated you had not yet reported the monies you spent on all those numerous negative ads on TV, newspaper, radio, etc., to help elect Connelly, Meyerhoeffer, Litchfield and Bell. Why do you feel you're above the law about reporting? Could it be that you would rather be fined than state the truth?

BYH to the Pitt County permitting center. Could you make it any more difficult to get a permit to set a pre-built storage building in your backyard? No wonder everybody said don't bother with a permit ...

Shoplifting is very popular at both Belk and Wal-Mart. Apparently, both stores have top notch loss prevention departments. The steady list of arrests in The Daily Reflector is a testament to that. I am curious as to the lack of theft at Lowe's. Is no one stealing from them or simply few, if any, being caught?

BYH Animal Control: The news is finally out, but what will it take to make believers? Stray animals roaming around this city carry disease and are a health hazard. We have proven cases of rabies from cats. Only when it affects you will some believe the unhealthy conditions that roam around at night.

BYH – DOT turns leftys into rightys and developers get a free road at taxpayers’ expense. Where will the new parking deck be?

BYH to the paving company working on Greenville Boulevard. Seems they left asphalt cow patty cobblestones at intersections all down Memorial Drive and at the intersections off Memorial and U.S. 264 onto Staton Road that leads to their plant. I ran over them and thought I had torn the front end out of my vehicle.

BYH, it's not the words of your enemies ... it's the silence of your friends.

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